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Could my cat be feeling smug?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) October 1st, 2011

Our tom is hilarious. He will jump up onto the kitchen cabinets (a good 2 feet above our heads) and once up there he gets this expression on his face that he never has otherwise. If a cat can look smug, that’s him. Question: is my cat feeling smug about being taller than us for a change? I can’t picture a cat feeling that “complex” of an emotion but if you saw him I swear you would agre…

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My cat is a smug little prick… Because he knows he rocks and he’s just got it like that.

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I wasn’t aware cats could be anything but smug.

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Cats are totally into the game of “one-up-manship” & smug is an attitude they totally understand!

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MIlo here; Funny you should ask. I got here via the top of the refrigerator.


Me, again.

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@gailcalled That’s a log in page, just so you know…

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@GabrielsLamb; What do you mean?

Never mind. You meant that only friends and family could peek:

Try this

MIlo, yet again.

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The higher the cat is, physically, the more dominant the cat will feel. I guess you could describe it as smug.

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@tinyfaery: I bet your cats wouldn’t dare exhibit smugness or balefulness or malevolence.

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Oh, you would be wrong. They know who the top cat is, though. It’s me, in case you weren’t sure.

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@tinyfaery: You’re preaching to the choir here, remember?

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@gailcalled What a pretty baby! Thanks for showing us

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Cats also like to have a good vantage point from which to observe us. They find it endlessly amusing to watch us slave away our human lives; to cook, clean, pay the bills, fret and worry, while they get free room, free board, free medical care, free massages and the free services of a valet and doorman, cat box cleaner and personal trainer, and do absolutely nothing. Your cat is not just smug; he is looking at you and thinking “What a chump!” :-)

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Hahaha! Thanks guys. I’ll never doubt my kitty’s emotional range again. <3

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They also love to secrete themselves in areas where they are likely to be locked in, shut up, or overlooked. Then they can pee, poop, hide dead mice and blame you.

(I have shown these before)

One example

And another

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@gailcalled Yes they do!

Here’s an idea for those of you organized types who have been considering some kind of filing system for your cats. :-)

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@lillycoyote: That got my “laugh-of-the-day” award.

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@gailcalled I just love that one! I encountered on the internet, I don’t know how long ago and like it so much I keep in my photobucket album. It always gives me a good laugh too.

A here are a couple of my dear, sweet Bugsy, who died about 5 years ago. It’s kind of a set up, really; the couch was made up for sleeping and the covers were actually turned down but Bugsy got up there to sleep and already had his head on the pillow so I put the covers over him so it would look like he was sleeping over on the couch like a person and got out the camera.

Bugsy sleeping on the couch

Bugsy sleeping on the couch close up

I thought he was just too cute!

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