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Beer, paper towels and origami paper: what's the strangest combination of things on one of your shelves?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) October 1st, 2011

We reorganized the kitchen today. There were gazillions of children’s homework papers and drawings and art supplies and god knows what in the kitchen. Inspired by our decision to relocate the printer to the kitchen, where it would be much easier to reach, we reorganized the kitchen.

In the end, we had this toy chest in which we put beer, paper towels and origami supplies. What kind of interesting combinations of things do you find in any of your storage areas?

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Define “strange”.

Heck, in my home office alone my shelves somewhat resemble Albus Dumbledore’s

Let us pick a couple of shelves at random, shall we.

To my left I see on shelf #1 – A vintage brass candlestick phone, a beaded “medicine bag”, two small glass boxes each containing a pocket watch, and a pinewood derby race car shaped like the Mach V.

On the shelf immediately next to it – A coyote skull (complete with lower jaw), one of those “plasma ball” lights, and an archimedes thermometer.

Below that there is an “Isaka” ( a clay flute), some flint knapping tools, A deer skull, an “ecosphere”, and a couple of miscellaneous pieces of art made for me by my kids.

Proceeding around the room we have my collection of single malt scotch bottles, a couple of falconry hoods, my old fencing mask with a couple of medals hanging on it, a knife I forged with a deer antler handle, and a small hand tooled leather case that holds some arrowheads.

There’s plenty of other eclectic items to call out, but you get the idea…


A pair of my dress shoes, pruning shears, and a Barbie doll.

I use this shelf as an occasional “shoe rack”, to place dress shoes in need of polishing. I was pruning some bushes awhile ago, and put the pruners there too. As for the Barbie doll, one of my children must have put it next to my shoes! It should be in their room, in their toy box.

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2 Pink salt ionization candle holders, a Ninshiki brocade Imari bowl from the 1800’s, 2 beta fish, and a silver vase with fake flowers in.

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Nothing all that strange, really. Everything is in its own mood, so to speak. In my room and hall, I just have books, goth and videogame magazines, and fake knives. In the living room, I have more books, horror movies and horror movie paraphernalia, and then more fake knives. And Final Fantasy VII toys.

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A handgun, a Steve Irwin action figure, and a giant bottle of hot sauce.

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I want some of that hot sauce.

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On the shelf above my computer desk there is (besides a bunch of CDs and software boxes) a 10”-tall Christmas tree, a toy tiger and an artist’s dummy.

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My bookshelf cabinet shelves were once fairly organized, now a bit less so:

- Band-Aids
– Aquarium airstone
– Cat collar
– Three types of honey
– Black Sharpie
– Cat medication
– Pocket Coffee
– Aquarium gravel
– Catnip
– Small notepad
– pH testing kit
– Cat treats

Feh.. now that I’ve listed it out, it doesn’t seem so odd.

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An Emerson book, ceramic coffee cup, die cast 68 Camaro, 2 feathers, 6 rocks (one with a painted grin on it), Frog, metal clacker, a Blue Ribbon for feats above and beyond…and a harmonica.

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Oh wow! I hadn’t paid attention to this shelf in awhile. I’m looking at a bible, some DVD’s and jar of a collection of matchbooks.
I need to do some serious rearranging. tehehe

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Let’s check the “catch-all” drawer

How about… some SPF-60 sunblock, a three-meter long piece of gold rope, a disposable razor sharpener, and a pack of tarot cards

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A notepad, two pens and some human fingers.

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On the sideboard: Vase of fresh flowers, vase of nearly dead flowers, jar of preserved lemons, sake jug, long-stem roses I made from beads, a printer cartridge for a printer I no longer have, box of checks and the urn with my dog’s ashes.

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@flutherother Human fingers???!!!

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Yes, they are on my hand. What were you thinking?

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A gallon of generic all-purpose biodegradableconcentrated cleaner, a box of Dryel®, the Dryel® bag, some old “D” batteries, a tube of pik-up stix, a can of spray paint, an unopened container of moisture absorbent, a bucket of laundry detergent, a line level, a pair of vice grips, a water flow restrictor, a box of fabric softener sheets, various girl’s hair accessories, and a ceramic partridge from a fake pear tree that was thrown away years ago.

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