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After losing everything, my cat got sick. How do I deal with this?

Asked by spykenij (1831points) October 2nd, 2011

Please refer to my last question about how am I to deal with my life partner leaving me, after my family said things about her they cannot take back and now I have written them off because all they do is attack me and want me to take pills for my emotions. My cat had to go to the Vet ER last night, he has crystals blocking his bladder. Crap, I am going to Netcare. I can’t deal with any of this anymore. Not going to hurt myself, but would still like to hear from whoever is out there that can offer any hope, care or anything good because I need something good and I need it asap.

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I’m sorry for your losses… Stop feeding the cat anything with fish in it and get food for urinary health.

Everything will get better hang in there!

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I understand that feeling of “everything’s already gone to shit and yet life is still crapping on me….WTF”

It sounds cheesy but the biggest thing that helps (in my experience) is to not give up hope. I don’t know anything about serious relationships so I’m not the person to give you a pep talk in that regard, but I do know that cats can get through this kind of problem all the time. In fact, my tom cat developed crystals several years ago and he’s still with us, 100% healthy due to a diet change, today. I second the call for food for urinary health.

You can do this, don’t stop believing that! We’re rooting for you.

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Sorry to hear that… just be strong and deal with things… find out what you want to do in life and do it.

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This things take time. I do hate when sh*t comes together all at once. You could deal with some much better if there were less.

I hope you will be okay. I’;ma pray for you and your cat. Your family might have their reasons to not want your friend but it’s up to them to do as they please. Just don’t mind them.

Hurting yourself is not the answer because it will only cause more problems.

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I lost my grandmother, my long term job, my mother, and my dog all within 16 months. It’s so very hard to deal with, but it has helped me to have friends I can talk to and that check on me a lot. Your cat can be treated and will be fine. You hang in there because you are the only one who can help your cat, he needs you.

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Your cat needs you now; pull up your socks, at least until he feels better. We’ll help keep you centered.

And therapy and some short-term meds. are a very good idea. if your family wanted you to take insulin for diabetes or have your broken arm cast, you would do it and call it “common sense.”

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Sorry to hear about everything caving in on you at once, this can make dealing with life very difficult to do. I’m especially sorry to hear that in addition to everything else that is going on, that your cat now has health issues. The suggestion of purchasing a quality cat food that is designed to promote urinary tract health is a very good idea. Taking him to the vet is a good first step – he is dependent upon you for both his care & the love you give, & when he feels better he will be more than happy to get back to loving you back.

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Once you’ve hit bottom the only way to go is up. Sever anyone who is causing you harm or adding to your pain. You don’t need or want them in your life right now. Focus on you., the things you have control over and can change. Hold your cat whenever you want, cry into his fur, he won’t mind and if he does too bad he will get over it. Pets are great therapy, they will always understand and accept you.
Some of us here have been through a lot of pain courtesy of the people we have let into (and therefore booted out of) our lives. I can’t speak for everyone, but you can personally PM me anytime for support and words of strength.
I believe you can get through this.

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Netcare wasn’t for suicidal tendencies, but rather a cry of help to talk and obtain some decent resources for people who can’t afford them. I will keep you all posted. Chester, my/our cat, did really well last night. He pulled his catheter out, but they said he’s being flushed and being really sweet. I miss him a lot. My ex’s (for now?) cat, Chase, slept with me most of the night. That helped. She slipped and said, “Calm down, Honey. He’s gonna be ok.” WTH? Screw with my head some more… :\

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My friend Asher died last month… Then Chaos (my cat) ran away… There’s not much you can do, but try not to let it affect you too much.

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I can’t pretend to not have feelings that are so intense, they can overtake me when things get this overwhelming. I am trying to be as numb as possible, but with extra adeneline in my system 24/7, 365 days a year – its not easy by any means.

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