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What is this pain in my feet when standing up?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) October 2nd, 2011

When I sit on a chair that is high enough so that my feet dangle in the air, then I jump off to stand up I get this really bad pain in my feet that lasts for about 5 seconds. I know it is not from impact, because it is not a far distance that I jump off of (picture the height of a bar stool). I have always suspected that I have restless leg syndrome because I have basically all of the symptoms. Do you think this pain I get is from the R.L.S or something else?

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Sounds like it might be the beginnings of plantar fasciitis. See a doctor to find out before it has a chance to get worse. I suffered through it for a long time, not believing it was anything serious, and am lucky that the resulting damage could be reversed/mitigated through behaviour alone.

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Are you overweight? This happens to me when I’m 30 lbs or more overweight and gets better when I loose it.

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@dappled_leaves What did you do to reverse the pain?

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First, whenever you jump you are supposed to land with knees bent so you don’t hurt yourself.

Plantars fasciitis does sound like a posibility, but usually people have pain from that even when they are not jumping. Are you a runner?

If it feels like nerve pain it could be the nerve that runs down your leg from your back, the sciatic nerve, getting a jolt from the jump.

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The point is to get yourself diagnosed… if you don’t have it, then the fixes won’t do anything to help you. But if you do have it, and it goes unchecked, the pain will become much worse. Please see a doctor.

Regarding “not jumping”, this can be true, but the pain is most evident after your feet have been resting for some period, and then you stand up – like in the morning, after sleep. If your feet have been dangling for a while, then you suddenly stand on them, then yeah, you would begin to feel pain if you have PF.

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If you have been sitting on a hard surface and have been sitting for quite a while, some circulation in your buttocks and lower legs could have been affected. If it is a brief pain this might be something to ask about.

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