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I still __________ since I was in grade school.

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) October 2nd, 2011

Just fill it in folks! It can be absolutely anything. I hate to admit it, but there are times where I have to pick my nose. (With a tissue of course), but I’ve done it since I was in first grade. (9th grader)

What’s your bad habit?

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… can’t resist playing on a swingset. :)

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haven’t danced with a pigeon ;¬}

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… believe in people

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make up fantasies

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…pretend I’m Jerry Rice and Joe Montanna is throwing me a touchdown pass…

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… daydream excessively

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I still eat peanut butter toast for breakfast every day since I was in grade school.

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I still twirl my hair.

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Enjoy peanut butter & jelly.
Read comic books.
Make up silly songs.
Love to draw.
Like chocolate milk.
Sing along with songs.

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Love linguine with meat sauce and mozerrella.
Like to watch The Flintstones.
Trust people.
Love hanging out with my girlfriends.
Love to dance.
Like numbers.
Call my parents and mommy and daddy at times.

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Run and jump and play.


Have jet black hair.

Own a pet.

Play with my doinky, I mean donkey. Lol.

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Play with my hair.

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I still…..have the dint in my front tooth where the bobby pin bit me.

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make mistakes

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… wish upon stars

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Still occasionaly have the urge to dress up like a giant cardboard can of campbells chicken soup with rice and sing in front of people… *I have no idea who picked that one? I thought it was dumb too.

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Sometimes I pretend I’m an animal. I also still hug pillows and stick my face in them and make funny noises. It’s all true.

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@ everyone… and I am so totally kidding… Just so that is understood. LOL… I wouldn’t even know where to get a giant cardboard can of soup???

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…have to shave once a week…. ;-p

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“Jesus, man! XD”

Hey, it took me awhile to get the hang of skool! <embarrassed>
Now that you mention it, one reason I had to shave was that they didn’t allow the Jesus look in second grade. ;-)

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Sniff markers…

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play video games

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@Brian1946 Lmao. XD

@Jude You rock. :)

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