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Ladies, have you ever used a pick up line or attention getter?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14625points) October 2nd, 2011

Last night I realized that for some reason my drink kept splashing whenever I was talking to my friend. Finally I noticed that a woman was throwing ice into it from across the club.

I sat down to look for other funny attention lures on Fluther, that women specifically use, and I have yet to find a thread…

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Wow! She must have good aim! Did you go and hook up with her?

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She worked there, I assume she does that to all the boys

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She worked there? That’s bizarre. I can’t believe they’d hire a person whose job it is to toss ice into people’s drinks from across the room. The way I read that is she wanted your attention in the worst way (and was probably a tad drunk). That strikes me as a guy’s dream come true :-p

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Dude! I really want to hear from women their pick up lines!

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I doubt she does that to all the boys ; )
I don’t have a pick up line. Rarely do I come across a man that captures my attention long enough. When I do I’ll watch him for awhile to get an idea of who he is with and see how he interacts with them. If he has half a brain he’ll noticed I’m watching him, if not, no big loss either way. I see how that plays out. If he hasn’t acted like an ass or is not obviously drunk, I’ll probably smile at him a few times. If I still find him attractive after all this, and he hasn’t approached me yet, I’ll go talk to him. Then the process starts all over again LOL
I don’t find a lot men overall attractive. They have to be smart, carry themselves well and have a particular air about them.

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Not really a “line” but if I’m interested in somebody, I’m not shy about making the first overture. It’s only fair to take the pressure off the boy, for a change and some guys (the right ones) seem to enjoy that.

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Maybe she was intoxHIC*ated?

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No lines but I’ve not been shy at looking at a many a few seconds longer than is comfortable and then smiling. I like them to know I’m interested and open- the rest is up to them. I don’t like to ask guys out.

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I don’t have a pick up line, I don’t really go anywhere to meet guys. If I see a guy that is kind of interesting in the store or somewhere like that, I’ll make brief eye contact with him. That’s about it. I know….this is why I haven’t had a date in forever.

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@chyna: I once met one of my favorite dating buddies in a drugstore like that! I gave him the look in the toothpaste/toothbrush aisle and then went on with my shopping. As I stood in line to pay, he came running into the store from his car and handed me his business card and asked me if I was available, if I’d like to go out sometime. Just like that, it was kinda cool.

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There’s hope!

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No pick up lines. A wink usually works.

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I’ve never used a pick up line. But I have used my boobs!

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Yeah… “hi, oh, you look like a friend of mine. opps. Well who are you?”

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I’m very straight forward, no lines, no games, no BS.
If I am attracted to a man he will know it.

My last relationship I was told by the guy that one of the things he really liked about me was that ” no one ever has to guess where they stand with you.” I took that as the highest of compliments. :-)

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I give him the eye.

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