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How can I make a Consumer Electronics distibutor benefit from Social Media?

Asked by holli (487points) October 3rd, 2011

I’ve recently been given the task of marketing my company via social media. The issue is we’re a distributor of consumer electronics and telecom products who do not sell to the general public. I want to avoid any contact with end-users while still reaching out to potential e-tailers/retailers and installers. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Use it to advertise. *Nix that… I have to learn to read the entire question before answering… *Sorry Ausustens I’m workin on it!

Better answer… The internet? Second party marketing through consumer participation and word of mouth? Like twitter reccomendation incentives like they do on privately kept blog sites?

heck out the sweeps web pages, they have great ideas!

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To elaborate and reiterate *Sorry hon, I am a total spaz sometimes when it comes to explaining things.

Market through those channels, within your prospective groups and distrubuters by giving them incentives and rewards *Services and or product when they add you or discuss you on their social media pages.

*Hey, mention us on twitter and get *business item, *Whatever it is exactly that you deal in???

This way you stay within your own genre, you do business within those arena using your own potential customers to advertise for you basically for free.

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Is there a healthy web community among e-tailers/retailers and their distribution channels? Are there conferences that happen? Perhaps you could start a blog tailored to e-tailers/retailers to help them address some of the common challenges they face, help them understand ways they can work with their distributors to help both parties maximize profits etc. Ask for readers to send in topic suggestions related to their e-tailer questions and you can answer them.

I think social media is overrated (and certainly overhyped). It’s great for some tasks(like fluther), but more of a buzzword for others. Blogs are great because they create value on the internet. They provide information, and if you can share useful info, you’ll generate lots of incoming links which will help with your google ranking. This is a great article on SEO for non-dicks.

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Your company probably has a healthy contact list of e-tailers, retailers and installers. Use the list as a starting point. It is beneficial to you because your company already has a relationship with clients on the list.

Start a campaign to let clients on the contact list know about your social media presence. For example, add your social media contact info to company e-mail signatures and marketing material.

Give clients reasons why they should connect with your company via social media by addressing their concerns as @gorillapaws mentioned and sharing news, links and items of common interest within the industry.

@gorillapaws made another great suggestion about starting a blog. Make sure your blog subject matter is relevant to current and prospective clients. In your blog posts use keywords that pertain to your industry in order to make it easier for potential clients to “find you” via search engines…etc. Also give them an easy way to opt-in. Place easy-to-use subscription links on your posts, e-mail and marketing material.

Add Twitter to your social media tool set. It is a good two-way communication medium. Your clients’ concerns as well as your suggestions and solutions (in real time) will be on a publicly searchable record—the Internet. This strategy will strengthen your company’s online reputation and credibility over time.

See what others in your industry are doing with social media. Think of ways to improve what they are already doing. Your ingenuity will put your company (and you as the SM Guru) head and shoulders above the rest :)

Remember that your clients are busy, so avoid social media overload. Avoid the temptation to spam clients about your company and its products. You will get tuned out.

Always keep your communication professional. You are your company’s social media ambassador. What you say may damage you or your company’s respective reputation.

And lastly, have fun :) You will improve with experience.

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@nycework Great answer! Welcome to Fluther.

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@gorillapaws Thank you and thank you :)

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