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What emotion are you feeling right now?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) October 3rd, 2011

How was you day? How has it made you feel?

I will start you off here, I have had a mentally draining day and I feel quite flat and tired.

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Frustrated… Still no replies in my inbox or calls for potential job openings. And I’m starting to get scared there aren’t any.

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Stressed/frustrated… It feels like someone is pushing down on my chest. The day was boring so far.

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Just woke up from a nap. My day was okay.
So I feel okay? Don’t know what particular emotion to specify that to.
I love how Jellies here are asking us about our days and our moods. So sweet!

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A bit depressed/sad. Changes at work threaten my participation. Divorce order has left me close to bankrupt. girlfriend says I am not very capable of being emotionally supportive.

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I’m exhausted. Getting up this morning, I felt as though I was hit by a Mack truck. I would love to crawl back into bed and snuggle with my girl’s kitty.

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Hugs Zen ♥ I hope it get’s better… I hope something AMAZING happens to you today!

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Frustrated and impatient. I just want this endoscopy done so I can hopefully eat again.

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I’m feeling pretty neutral. Wondering what happened to my bounce lists, though.

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Intoxicated. (I’m completely sober right now). You know that amazing feeling you have the next morning after a really good night? That’s how I’m feeling. Wish I could spread the love.

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Happy thoughts ^^ Everything is okay. I can say “joy”.

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I feel like a vampire… working nights.

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I have had a fairly easy, stressfree day today which has been nice. However, whilst I don’t feel stressed in any way I do feel a bit sad because I went to see a house this evening that I am, kind of, considering buying. I love the house but when I think realistically about it I know that I won’t be able to get a mortgage on my wage. My dad would like to help me by combining it with the mortgage on his house (so I would be paying him rent rather than paying the bank each month) but, even though he is doing well with his business, I think that is a little to ambitious as well.

It’s made me feel really insecure about my position in life right now because the house is at the incredibly cheap end of the scale but it’s still not realistic for me.

In a nutshell I am feeling sorry for myself!

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@Leanne1986 Go for it, one shot, one life!! Go get your house and let your dad help, he would probably be proud too. Also better paying dad, than the bank!! A few years down the line you’ll be pleased you did.

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Overwhelmed, disappointed and anxious.

If anyone ever wants to put their skills of reason, patience and compromise then plan a wedding.

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Tiredness, it is getting late here.

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I’m not.

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Feeling pretty normal. Day was normal, went by fast enough, that’s always good. Nothing exciting to report as far as I feel. Neither good nor bad, which is always better than bad, right? Ha.

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Pissed off, because a girl in my Government class is a big biotch.
Happy because I passed my Biology Test! :)

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Good on that. :) And screw that bitch. :)

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Too many people already have. ;)

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Not really feeling anything tangible at the moment, fairly slow day at work, no big mistakes or problems to be dealt with.

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Bored and regretting not going for my run again tonight because my ass is getting harder and harder to drag around when I do make it out.

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I just woke up. But already I feel anxiety, guiltly and afraid to face the day. Been having a lot of anger lately.

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like my weekend went too damn fast

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^^ Agreed.

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Elated. Today I’m in Boston with my daughters Shopping and eating lunch

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I’m in the mood for some serious relaxation which is the only thing I have planned for this afternoon. I’m not too anxious today and I have been for a long dog walk this morning so I am in the perfect mind set to chill for a while!

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