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Why are my eyebrows blond when the rest of me is red?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) May 9th, 2008 from iPhone

What causes that? Is it common?

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I’m the same way .. I don’t get it..
my eyebrows are blond, my beard is red and the rest of me is red, I wonder if eyebrows are more sensitive to light thus making them blond, because over summer due to the light my hair gets blonder, I doubt it has anything to do with it.. but, good question I too want to know

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I have brown hair and a red beard. I’m not sure why but I treat it the same way as all my other problems. I blame my mother.

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Maybe they’re not as smart as the rest of you.

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the rest of you? stay out of the sun!

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Perhaps you are chimeric! Chimerism a quite rare but fascinating genetic anomaly. Two zygotes with distinct genes fuse rather than become twins. The resulting fetus has two seperate genotypes in one body, dispersed throughout various tissues.

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I dont know but I’m somewhat similar my hair on my head is naturally brown by my eyebrows and everthing else is naturally jet black. It’s terrible it looks like I have so much more hair than I do because it’s so dark :( I bleach and shave and epilate and wax away but if i forget to I end up feeling so self conscious all day :(

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<—blondish hair, reddish beard

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@syz, interesting! I am a Gemini in a big way.

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The most significant reason that I can find is androgens. Even though eyebrows are not listed as part of this hormonal process, the hair in eyebrows does in fact change around puberty, much like the hair on other parts of our bodies.

In addition to that, we all know that you’re just special.

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<——don’t let the avatar fool ya…
chestnut brown hair here, with jet-black eyebrows.

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I think it’s fairly common to have variations in your hair and since red and blond are very close (both have little colour pigment), it’s not a big stretch.
My eyebrows are slightly lighter than my hair – I think, although it’s been a while since I last saw the natural colour of either…..

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