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What is the lifespan of a bull mastiff?

Asked by 42below (4points) May 9th, 2008

my bull mastiff is currently 9

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Most bull mastiffs have a lifespan of 8–10 years I’m afraid. It’s due to all the inbreeding the breed went through to make them into fighting dogs, which has resulted in them suffering from bone diseases and weaknesses.
You never know though, he could live for at least another 6 years. Just take care of him.
Hope you and your pooch are ok :)

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I agree with Cage on this and also agree that there are exceptions. I had a Golden Retriever with avg. lifespan of 13 live to be 19!

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The larger the breed, the shorter the lifespan.

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The average is 12 years (according to petmedsonline).

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My neighbor breeds English Mastiffs. she agrees with Cage. She says her oldest one lived to 12 years old, but the average is 8 to 10 years.

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bull mastiffs can live from 8–10 if they are over weight, have skin problems or are crossbreed mine is 4 happy and healthy he is just the right weight and i hope and think he will live long.

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they live much longer if healthy so make sure he plays daily and gets enough sleep hope a long happy life 2 u and ur dog live well member to take great care of him

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