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Stranded on the moon: What do you do to pass the time?

Asked by digitalimpression (9910points) October 3rd, 2011

Let’s assume that you have the following supplies:
Lifetime supply of water
Lifetime supply of food
A gun with six bullets.
Scrap metal.
A volleyball.
1000 feet of rope.
A dictionary.

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Cut the rope up into tiny, pebble-sized segments, which I will use as counters. Over the course of eternity, I will arrange these segments across the surface of the moon and create a Turing-style computer that will grow and grow until it has the processing power of a home computer, which I will use to devise a way to escape.

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Shoot the dictionary

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Throw rocks at earth in hopes of causing a meteor shower.

Draw two big circles, one inside the other to raise the debate, is it an eye or a lonely boob?

Use a rock, the rope, and the scrap metal to launch my waste at earth.

Meditate until I can unlock the fifth dimension with my mind and come back to earth.

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I will collect rocks and build myself a shelter or write out a message.

I will use my finger or some of the scrap metal to draw designs/pictures in the sand.

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I better have my glasses or none of that stuff is going to do me any good. I won’t even be able to fine the food and water. And can I at least have some paper and some kind of writing utensil of some sort? Access to all those words and no way to form them into a book that I don’t already have? That would be torture. I guess, if it’s a good enough dictionary, I would learn to tie knots for a while. I’ve always wanted to learn to do that and a good unabridged dictionary would have that. Then maybe I would learn the American Sign Language alphabet, that’s in the dictionary too. Look stuff up, find new favorite wordsDictionaries can keep me entertained for hours; I can get lost in them, even when I have all sorts of other diversions. Not sure what I would do with the scrap metal. If there is enough of it I would make a shelter.

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Breathing would be my biggest hobby.

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Howl at the Earth.

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Wait a minute, you said nothing about any air. Without air, the answer is NOTHING.

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What no music… No books? I dunno… That’s a bad time to me.

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Which moon? If I was stuck on Europa then I would spend much of my time trying to find oxygen and also trying not to freeze solid.

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Use my lifetime supply of water to make a good-sized lake, in order to attract the attention of Earthbound scientists who would somehow mount a manned mission to the Moon… and take me home.

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@dappled_leaves I would howl at the moon, then moon the earth, then howl at the earth and then moon the moon. :-) I’m there by myself, whose business is it?

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@lillycoyote Sounds like your moon party would be more fun than mine. =)

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@dappled_leaves I would love for anyone to come to my moon party! I assumed that the OP meant that we would be stranded on the moon by ourselves but I checked the question and the details and it doesn’t actually say that. So, maybe anyone who answers this question, well, we are all stranded on the moon together and so we can all party together, yes?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Genius! I wish i could give you 10 pts for that answer!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Are you assuming that you can cut up the rope with the sharp edges of the scrap metal? According to the details of the question, we have not been provided with knives or any other sharp instrument for cutting.

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@YARNLADY and (obviously) air….

@gondwanalon ours.

@CWOTUS Great answer!

@whoever My original question was intended to find out what you would do by yourself, however, it is a social question so… there’s not really any rigid rules… =)


Play Spaceman Dodgeball.

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Begin grooming the moons surface to create a giant happy face.

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Make up my own language, wank, memorize the dictionary.

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@lillycoyote, sure. Or I’d just chew it.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I was considering chewing threw it myself. Because I want to use at least some of my rope to build a shelter and a couple of sections of it to learn how to tie knots, and have some left over for something else, should something else come up, and you know how it is when you are stranded on the moon with limited supplies, something always comes up.

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@digitalimpression What is so obvious about having enough air? It could have been a trick question – not enough air will cast a damper on any other activity.

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Exactly, @YARNLADY. That’s why I asked if I would have my glasses because if I don’t, having the rest of the stuff won’t really matter at all, because if I don’t have my glasses, I won’t be able to find, see, or use any of the rest of my supplies, even if I do have air.

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It must be difficult to masturbate on the moon. I mean, with all that lack of gravity & shit the speed of a pumping fist could well be compromised. Hugely exaggerated action makes for a painfully slow procedure i’d have thought. So anyway, if ejaculation eventually occurs, i’d float away on a sperm bubble, probably entering the dark side of uranus. That may be an adventure worth consideration. Sure beats sitting around staring a bit of rope & a dictionary.

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@ucme Excuses, excuses. You could manage to masturbate on the moon if it was really important to you. You would find a way.

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@lillycoyote Well, what with one being alone & little else to do to occupy oneself, i’m sure a relatively small crater would make for a decent substitute…....possibly.

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@Michael_Huntington I actually laughed out loud!!

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I would explore the moon and then I scrape a giant happy face on the surface for everyone on earth to see.

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Flips and shit.

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Moon the earth.

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