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What is the weirdest movie you've seen?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 9th, 2008

By weird I mean sort of trippy like Alice in Wonderland or Requiem for a Dream.

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A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick’s best.

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‘Un Chien Andalou’, ‘L’age D’or’, ‘Eraserhead’.

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Fight Club

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it was a movie with billy zane, black and white, some guy getting killed with a plastic bag, extreme weird, oh, and ofcourse π, what a weird one was that

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Some of thouse don’t sound that weird…

The weirdest for me has got to be The Wall. My old roomate was a big Pink Floyd fan and practically made me watch it. I was compleatly sober when I saw it so all I could do was scratch my head and raise my eyebrows.

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The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover

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Altered States has some really trippy imagery. Ken Russell directed it and put in some really freaky psychedelic drug scenes. Not to mention a lot of naked, young William Hurt butt.

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probably “11:14” but I thought it was great.

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the tenant by roman polanski. well pretty much anything by roman polanski.

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Baraka, The Clockwork Orange and My Dinner With Andre

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a clockwork orange

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@breedmitch Alter states was WEIRD! wtf with that movie. I dont really think it was really all that great but interesting to say the least.

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@uber: Great? No, not so much. I do this film series thing here in NY and we recently screened it. I have to say, some of the imagery was great, but some of the regressed-monkey-man stuff just comes across as campy. It is interesting, however, that all the effects are pre-CGI.

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Oh yes ill definitely agree the imagery was great for its time.<pictures him walking down the hallway at the end banging the walls shape shifting> The story was horrible though.

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Human Traffic was awesome. Pretty funny too.

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probably fear and loathing in las vegas….it totally threw me off. that or the movie with maculay culkin as a drag queen.

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I can’t bevieve that I’m the twenty second person to input and I’m only the first one to mention John Lynch’s “Eraserhead.” Great movie. I especially like the radiator girl. “Freaks” is another good one, from the 1930’s.

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@Chuck: The third response mentioned Eraserhead.

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@breedmitch- Sorry, I’m challenged. I just saw that. Duh. I guess I can’t read. But at least no one else mentioned “Freaks.” Right?

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I forgot “City of Lost Children.” Not a bad flick but very strange.

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Abigail’s Party channeled my love of film to an entirely new direction.

I need to start reading the sub question. Abigail’s Party isn’t trippy like David Lynch trippy, more off-the-wall/unbelievable trippy.

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Nude on the Moon by Doris Wishman

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Catch 22 – great idea, terrible interpretation for entertainment value.

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Tommy a Rock Opera
By; The Who
Basically where the Pinball Wizard came from.

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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A Clockwork Orange (as already mentioned) is the first one that comes to mind. Also, perhaps, Boxing Helena. I very much liked the former, but did not care for the latter (if I recall, David Lynch’s daughter did the film).

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Eraserhead, by David Lynch. I see that astrochuck tupara list it as well.

After that, Basket Case.

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nayeight, think you’re talking about Party Monster and that movie is pretty odd!!

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The Shining

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Jodorowsky’s El Topo. We’ll never see its like again.

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Wizard of Oz

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suprised nobody has mentioned this one: THX 1138 by George Lucas…. 2001 is also up there.

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I think Gummo (trailer) is right up there for me.

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Liquid Sky. Aliens that feed on endorphins kill off the main characters’ sexual partners as she has sex with them. (And no, it’s not porn. R-rated, I think)

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Bubba Ho-Tep

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@boffon- Is that the Bruce Campbell Elvis and Ozzie Davis JFK flick?

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The Dead Girl! I just saw it last night and man…

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A Clockwork Orange

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@AstroChuck Yes… Strange, odd…But funny film…..

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The Yellow Submarine

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Brewster McCloud and Freaks are two really weird films.

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Dream Catcher was very weird and very bad!

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@cschack, good call on Jodorowsky, we’d have to add ‘Santa Sangre’ to the list. And shindo’s ‘Oni Baba’.

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8 1/2 is weird, Fellini was a strange dude.

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one hour photo….creepy

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