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Do you want to hang around with those you know think the same way as you do?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) October 4th, 2011

I have been on this website for a few months. There are a few particular users who answer questions in a similar way to what I think. Sometimes, when I get to a question, I read their response and think, “I wish I had said that”.

I wonder though, if I had to select a limited group of people here to invite over to a party, I would think to invite them. I don’t know if they would make my short list.

Do you have those people on your social website, and would you think to invite them over?

No names please

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I don’t know if I’m reading this correctly but yes, some flutherites are friends with me on FB, for example. Also, yes, I like to hang around with people who think as I do, why wouldn’t I? I spend enough time out of my day trying to educate others or arguing with others or sidestepping ignorance.

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For a one-off evening or casual get together, i would probably enjoy hanging out with some of the Fluther folk that don’t think as I do, but for intimacy and long term friendships, I would want to be with people who think like me in most things. I don’t need cookie cutter clones, however.

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I barely have enough friends to populate a dinner party, much less a party, so this is not an issue for me. There are far more issues between me and my closest friends than there are similarities. It’s just that they share more with me than most people do. Besides which, there are people on fluther who pack a lot of heat. I don’t care how nice they seem; they ain’t comin’ into my house. Not when I’m serving alcohol!

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Not necessarily for me no… But that being said I believe many people do. I like differences, I enjoy observing everyone and I tend to fit anywhere when and where allowed. I have always considered myself to be a chamelion. I can, and do, find ways within myself to understand even those conditions that are aimed against me. I may hold my stance and maintain my position, but I feel that being able to see life for exactly what it is, as opposed to what I feel would better serve my own agenda, and THEN make a conscience choice is where wisdom exists.

I like EVERYONE, even when I say otherwise in human moments of weakness, I like EVERYONE until they give me a reason not to… and then even still if and when approached as a human from a countered position, with explanation and and offering of understanding and acceptance, I can learn to love and see anyone, accept anyone and forgive anyone for what they are, what they do, and why they feel the way they do even if it hurts me, and appreciate them as well. Even if that doesn’t fall in line with my perspective scope of reality.

Reality is… after all, personal, and well… relative.

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There are several people here in fluther I’d like to gather together. Some I’ve already met in person but there are more I haven’t.

I do like to hang out with people who think the same as I about how they regard and treat their friends and also their romantic relationships. Most of ‘what’s mine is yours’ rings true with the exception of my partner.

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Yes but before inviting I had to consult with someone else first ^^ [bare in mind I sometimes came home with “strangers” ].

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There has to be a few things we think alike on, but not everything.

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Nope, if they thought like me I probably wouldn’t get along too well :-/
I prefer the company of learned people, people who I could possibly aspire to…. No name dropping here. Also the ignorant, no side stepping them for me, just to remind me where I came from & keep me clear on just what I want to aspire to….. That’s why I come on here, oh what combinations :-/ you certainly do live & learn.
@wundayatta, make mine a double, trouble. ;-)

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I like people who agree with some of what I believe in but not everything I believe in. I’m more interested in how they handle the things we don’t agree upon as I love a lively debate.

As for Fluther: I follow people I respect regardless of their opinions. The only ways you lose my respect are by being rude or insulting on a regular basis. I understand everyone has a bad day or days and I don’t hold that against anyone.

I don’t have anyone from Fluther as a friend on Facebook. I try to keep those two worlds apart as I am much more open on Fluther than I am on Facebook.

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Mostly, by which I mean I like to mostly hang out with people who mostly think the same as I do about some issues.

And why am I not friends with @Simone_De_Beauvoir on Facebook? We gotta do something about that.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir put it in a very direct framework. I find that Fluther and other close encounters of the diverse kind can keep one on their toes or punch them in the nose but when it comes to in your face social world, I think we all like those people in whom we can “rest” – people with whom we share kindredness in perspectives, interests, character, and a similar sense of humor.

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I think I get your drift @Imadethisupwithnoforethought. Sometimes I see a thoughtful, informative post and think, “Damn! That was sheer contextual perfection.” Sometimes they are written by somebody I know would have me longing for a cyanide capsule if I had to be alone in a room with him/her for 20 minutes.

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I do not have any fellow Flutherers added on FB, but I don’t go on my FB too often either.
I would gladly invite Jellies over if it wasn’t too far of a trip for them. Doing things in person has that special quality you can’t replicate digitally, no matter how advanced it gets.

As for hanging out with people who think similarly, it’s mostly a no. I like hearing views that differ greatly from my own, and imaginations that expand to some unexpected areas. We also touch in opinion on several major points usually, but that’s to be expected.

I do prefer it when we like roughly similar genres of music though. (Although in my book, that just means you aren’t listening to Rap, Country or most of the Blues in general.) When certain songs come up in the car however, we are forced to listen to them on max volume, windows down. We just can’t resist, it’s infectious, and needs to be shared.

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I include everyone on my list, and then cross them off as they annoy me.

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@GabrielsLamb, you like me, you really, really like me! (sorry, I couldn’t help using the (I think!) Sally Field quote. ;0) )

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I generally hang around those who at least think similarly to me on one major subject or another i.e. politics/morals/religion but I’ve never made a concious effort to surround myself with such people.

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