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Can anyone help me with a soaps?

Asked by arjen22 (40points) October 4th, 2011

The thing is, that I need some method or something that is not so damn complicated, to measure the efficiency of soap.
Which means that I need some method by which I will be able to compare two or more soaps, to know which one is better.

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Hmmmm, good question.

My initial thought would be to use the soaps separately for a few days each, and log how each makes you and your skin feel.

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What kind of soap? Laundry soap? Dish soap? Bath soap? Shampoo?

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Well I can compare any soap, bath soap with laundery soap and dish soap and to see which of these actually clean the best. I just need to find a way some chemical method, smth which has some thing with chemistry.

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You could compare the PH, but different soaps are designed for different purposes. You could create identical stains on identical fabrics, compare the PH of different laundry soaps and soak them for identical amounts of time, rinse them for identical amounts of times and see whioch cleans better. You would also have to account for the different ingredients.

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Thank you :)))

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An important property of soap is that it has a long carbon chain (that can dissolve in non-polar substances like oils) and an end with a charge (that can dissolve in polar substances like water). Because of it’s dual nature, it lets non-polar substances dissolve in polar substances; oil can dissolve in water (by forming micelles).

So if I were conducting an experiment on how effective a soap is, I would measure how well it allowed oil to dissolve in water. I’d get some oil and mix it in a container with water and measure the height of the oil (which won’t naturally dissolve in water). I’d put in some soap and let the soap do it’s thing. I’d measure the height of the oil again. How much has the height of the oil decreased? That’s how effective the soap is. Do the same thing with another soap. Compare the results.

(Make sure you use the same amount of oil, water, and soap each time to be consistent)

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What are you testing? If your testing the effectiveness of soap on bacteria (gram negative and gram positive) then you can run a fairly simple experiment.

Produce some agar jelly plates smear them with the gram negative or gram positive bacteria. Something like E.coli (gram negative), and S.Bacillius (gram positive) or any other two. Remember if you don’t use these two to make sure your not using anything with a Beta-lactase ring or other resistant type bacteria. Or you might get complications with your simple experiment. Try and keep the possible anomalies to a minimum.

Now you have your smeared agar jellies. Now in the well add the soap. (If you want to do a more in-depth test you could use different percentage of the soap by simply watering it down. You will need as many plates as tests you wish to do)

Lets pretend you are doing it with the two types of bacteria and 100% soap. Now you added the soap to the wells incubate them for a week. After a week look at the “area of clearance” that is the area around the well with no bacteria growing. Put the plate on some graph paper and crudely work out the area of clearance. Then compare. You might try this with several different soaps at 100%.

If you need any more info let me know.

P.S. for more answers try tagging this under biology and biochemistry as it falls under these categories better. It definitely is a biochemistry question ;)

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I like your idea, and the way you explained me how to do it. I only don’t know how to and where i can grow those bacterias. Can you please tell me more about it and everything what is on your mind about that.
And once again thank you so much

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Where are you doing this experiement? If it is at school talk to a technian. Otherwise you will have to learn how to make agar jelly plates. Most schools carry or can get hold of basic bacterium.

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