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Do you get nervous Webcamming with people?

Asked by skateangel (321points) October 4th, 2011

I have social anxiety and I’ve been wanting to try webcamming with people to try to feel more comfortable, but I’m nervous. Do you think it’ll help? What are you supposed to do? What if people can tell I’m nervous by my mannerisms and stuff?

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Nope. I usually get compliments on my baby blues when I do.

It couldn’t hurt. Unless you find them ridiculously good looking and act shy, or you have a piece of spinach caught inbetween your teeth, you should do fine. :)

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There’s probably something I don’t know about this. Do people videochat with random strangers? Because unless that happens, it seems to me you have to talk to people you know. Which means you face the same social anxiety as in other venues.

However, you are at a distance and you can always shut down the cam. But I suppose it would be a little easier if you aren’t actually in the person’s presence. What makes it even easier is if you are anonymous. So then it doesn’t matter if things mess up.

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I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it might incriminate me. ROFLMAO!


The answer is yes, but as a self professed social reject… I am quite insecure anyway so. But I did, and let’s just say… Probably never again.

Probably… I don’t tend to behave myself quite the way I would like to sometimes sooo….

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Something about talking on a webcam makes me nervous, so I know the feeling. Even when I’m talking to people I’m very close to.

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Not really but I only do video calls with my best friend. I suppose if I did it with certain people I would be nervous but people see and interact with you every day, in real life. I don’t know why the webcam should cause any of us more anxiety than actually being seen in person, but I guess it does.

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I don’t. I love webcamming but then again I don’t have social anxiety either. You’re not supposed to do anything, just hang and it’ll be okay.

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I did not mention my own experience. I will say, by way of preface, that I have found it much easier to maintain communication with someone via videochat than I have by phone or in person. I have made a number of new friends over the internet since I’ve been sick. During the first phase of my sickness, I was unable to lift the phone or reach out to anyone in a normal way. Videochat, chat and email were much easier for me to do.

I think it helped that I was anonymous, too, since I could reach out to someone knowing that if they started to judge me, I could drop them without any consequence of note.

So I made friends—maybe even more than I have in real life—and used videochat. In a way, you have to, because otherwise you’ll never see them. My friends are all at least 1000 miles away. It is wonderful to see their faces while they talk. The communication is so much richer. And it makes a huge difference when someone says they are worried about you and seeing the worry on their face.

I have also maintained communication with my sister who lives in China. I see her from time to time, or talk to her for free over the internet. I wonder when gmail is going to stop with the free videochat or phone calling.

Anyway, my real life friends have dropped away because we don’t talk much… or at all… any more. Not since I told them I was sick. Although they were kind of falling away before, anyway. Sometimes I wonder if I would have any friends at all if it weren’t for videochat. I know I’d have a few, but certainly not as many.

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