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What issues do you take personally?

Asked by dreamwolf (3163points) October 4th, 2011

I feel like everyone has buttons that can be pushed. For some reason I take politics very personally, even though I’m conscious of the fact that I shouldn’t take it personally. Politics haunts me! What do you take easily to offense?

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Any crap against my family. Big no no.

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Aside from people attacking me personally I can’t really think of any issues that I don’t see as just an honest disagreement.


Any encroachment on the time I reserve for my hobbies or relaxation.

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I don’t like being lied to. I don’t like people trying to treat me like a fool and taking my good nature for granted.

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If I told you that… Then you would know. See where I’m goin with this? LOL

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Peope who over promise and under deliver. I’m the opposite sort so this match is a killer for me if it’s someone I have to work with or need something from.

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Personal attacks, I typically respond in kind. Otherwise the one hot button I have is ‘liar’. It is used in political discussions a lot and is seldom appropriate. I often respond harshly when I hear it directed at me or others.

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People trying to boss if.

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Randoms giving me unsolicited ‘advice.’

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- Any implication that those who earn less than $100K/yr are lazy, or that it’s easy for anybody to do

- Supporting the policies that have led us to economic decline, growing inequality, multiple unwinnable wars, increasing polarization, or just generally making life worse.

- Bemoaning/denigrating technology (like smartphones, internet, or other things that separate the 21st century from the 19th)

- Insisting that Apple is superior

- Insisting that Japanese and/or electric cars are inferior to American gas-burners

- People who don’t take me seriously when I am not joking or that take me seriously when I am

- Islamophobia

- Homophobia

- Saying “Good morning to me before I am properly caffeinated

- Being on I-5 during my commute (I used to only take it personally when someone cut me off, but I am now up to taking the fact that they are even on the same highway as a personal affront.)

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@jerv But Apple is superior. “We don’t ship junk.” _Steve Jobs. Just because Apple isn’t open sourced, and makes money off their product, it works pretty smooth, can we agree on that? :P

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@dreamwolf I am too tired to tell sarcasm from trolling, so I will give you the benefit of a doubt… this time.

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@jerv all in good play mate

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