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What is something that most people will experience at least once in their life (and probably several times)?

Asked by glenjamin (2497points) October 5th, 2011

Just want to see what you all come up with, and to check them off my list.

examples: pay taxes, step in $hit, have a cashier give them incorrect change….etc

your answers can be as mundane or profound as you like. let ‘er rip!

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Go to another country (I would hope).

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Find something valuable in the street that no one claims so you get to keep it guilt free.

Have great life altering hot monkey sex (and preferably not feel guilty about it)

Eat a truly exceptional meal

Love someone worth the bother

have a great job with benefits that are actually worth the hit in your paycheck (If at all)

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orgasm… hopefully

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Piss themselves laughing, even if it’s just a teeny weeny bit.

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The elation of discovering a kindred spirit.

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@ucme Been there done that… It was hilarious! Left a trail all the way down the steps and I had to call my mom to come get me because I couldn’t walk home like that.

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@King_Pariah Yes! *Grunts incoherently… Mmmm Orgasim goooood!

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Get salt in a paper cut.

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Watch porn.
Get the flu.
Stub their toe.
Be late for school/work.
Forget someone’s birthday.
Gain weight.
Miss the exit.
Order take-out.

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It’s in my destiny to back into the same tree and fence post in my driveway, over and over and over again.

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The anticipation of a new lovers caress.

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Poop while playing Angry Birds on your phone.

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Drop iphone in toilet while playing Angry Birds as you poop.

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‘Cause you know.

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Break up in relationships; disappointment; someone you know die; redundancy; moving home you name it…

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Oh, and something going up their butt :P

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Have buy a new phone because you dropped it in the toilet while playing Angry Birds as you pooped.

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Have a 1400 pound cow stand on your foot? Or is that a little unusual?

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Do a handstand.

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Pick their nose while stuck in traffic……. :-/

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Get road rage.

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Especially If you’re a guy – pee in the woods

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Smoke a joint or three……. Get the munchies & eat the dog food…. :-/

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Come out of the toilet cubicle with the loo paper hanging out the back of their pants, or women, tuck their dress into their knickers Lol….. :-/

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Nod off during class.

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Choke on your drink.

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—Accidentally fart in front of someone that you admire or have great respect for.

—Have an ex that dumped you show up with their new boyfriend/girlfriend shortly after the fact.

—See snow fall in big giant puffs, just like the snow in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

—Eat a piece of cheese so delicious that you actually feel like you just had a big O in your mouth.

—Accidentally touch a chili pepper and then touch your eye, and feel like you might go blind.

—Have a friend or loved one disappear (not die, just leave) from your life or stop communicating with you, with no explanation and no apparent reason.

—Witness a car accident as it happens.

—Get kissed by someone in a way that makes you compare that particular kiss to every other kiss that you receive from here on out.

—Laugh so hard at a friend’s joke that you literally spit liquid.

—Have someone shush you, after you’ve been laughing and having the best time of your life, and have that same person remind you that your voice carries and it’s very late.

—Walk through a forest, and really feel the spongy carpet of needles beneath your feet, and really hear the crackle of dried oak leaves as you crunch step, crunch step your way along the path that you are creating. And really hear the whirrrrrrrr whooooosh of the wind dancing through the tree tops and actually spot the woodpecker that is creating the cunk, cunk, cunk sound that is echoing across the woods. And realizing that during this time, in this place, that those are the only things that matter, if only for a few fleeting moments.

—Ask someone online if English is their first language and have that person angrily accuse you of being a racist (even though you can’t see them and have no idea what their race might be).

—Smell and taste Cardamom for the first time : – P

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Watch a Sunrise and watch a Sunset.

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Get caught out with a wet fart :-/

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Joy and sorrow.

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Bigotry, unfortunately :-/

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@Blackberry As long as it’s not the phone or an angry bird going up the butt I imagine it would be somewhat safe… Maybe?


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@Kardamom I got most of those.

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@GabrielsLamb Yes, I would hope for many that their experience was pleasurable.

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Fall in love.

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@Blackberry I think in this particuar case… Once is QUITE enough. Live and learn.

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@GabrielsLamb Even the bad ones? Those ones sucked pretty bad.

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Obviously play Angry Birds. ;)

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@digitalimpression Actually, I don’t think that most people will ever experience Fluther, not even once. We’re the lucky ones : )

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@Kardamom I know.. I just couldn’t think of anything else. It’s my fallback. =)

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Use a device that Steve Jobs created.


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my answers are amazingly morbid sounding…oh well.

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