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Do you give your dog strawberries?

Asked by mteutsch (177points) May 9th, 2008

My dog eats them, if they don’t have a huge stem, and she loves them. I’m just wondering if anyone else feeds his or her dog strawberries, or other fruits. Let me know.

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At $5 a pound?

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My dogs won’t eat strawberries but one loves bannanas and carrots.

Side track: raisins and chocolate are very bad for dogs.

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Grapes,Raisins,Onions,& Dark Chocolate are bad for dogs.

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I definitely give my dogs berries. I think they are part of the natural wolf diet. Also, dogs like fruit except citrus (the oils are repellent to them). My dog loves apples. blackberries and blueberries. We used to live on an island and would walk through fields with naturalized blackberry-marion berry vines. My husband and I would pick handfuls of berries and eat them as we walked, and I would give some to the pup. He watched what i did and would then “pick” his own. He didn’t seem to differentiate between ripe and unripe when he picked though!

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Mine hates carrots? I give mine the stems. We pay $1.50 for a quart I believe. Something like that.

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That’s cute marina.

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My border collie/black lab doesn’t like them.
My Weim LOVES strawberries! I just discovered this last week. I was making fruit crepes with strawberries and she went bonkers… I can’t wait to go strawberry picking with her!

@ Marina ~ my first dog loved eating oranges and grapefruit. I would give him 3 or 4 quarters every morning at breakfast-time :0) Weird, huh?

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I don’t have any pets now, but as a kid, our dog was never big on fruits – if he had been, I’d see no reason not to let him have them..

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My dog will eat anything I feed him out of my hand! Last week he ate dill pickles one day and boiled crawfish the next!

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What on earth are people doing feeding good food to a dog?

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I have a Golden Retriever, she loves eating fruits.

She can smell mango a mile away! She always begs for fruits.

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I stick to apples and carrots. My maltese loves them!

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I used to feel my dog grapes all the time. Nothing bad ever happened to her. What are you people talking about grapes are bad for dogs?

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