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Silly question: Do nausea and the sensation of needing to burp feel at all similar to you?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) October 5th, 2011

Sometimes when I need to burp I mistake the sensation for mild nausea. My mom thinks that’s weird. I’m not worried about it or anything, but I’m just wondering if anyone agrees with me? Haha

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No, they don’t. I feel the need to burp as a pressure.

No nausea.

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Nope, sorry. You’re just strange :P

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Yes. It is similar for me.

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Nope. Though I have been genuinely nauseous and burping has helped relieve that a little bit.

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For me they are completely different sensations. Nausea is one of the worst physical sensations in the whole world. The urge to burp is neither here nor there, it’s just mildly irritating.

On the other side of that scale, it’s kind of like comparing the urge to sneeze to a big O.

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The only similarity is right before a burp, it feels like a rubber ball is lodged between my ribs.

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What @marinelife said above. Exactly like she said.

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Nope, nausea is a consistent feeling of pressure between the eyes and nose area right? Maybe you meant gagging? Sometimes I feel like I’m going to burp but really its vomit, but its easy to swallow.

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@dreamwolf Huh? For me, nausea has nothing to do with my face.

I figure since both acts are something coming up, that’s why there’s a slightly similar feeling for me. Needing to burp doesn’t feel awful or anything, but the very first inklings of nausea feel similar to needing to burp, to me. Obviously if it’s true nausea I then proceed to feel a lot worse.

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No, not similar at all to me.

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i think its normal. try eating something usually gets rid of it for me :)

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Not at all.

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When you don’t eat enough several things happen in your body. The sickness feeling is due to the low blood sugar levels in your body, and your empty stomach can sometimes release some acid which can a) cause pain in your stomach b) can cause a gas to be realised hence the burping sensation.

Eat something to solve both problems. If eating something when this sensation happens doesn’t solve the problem then maybe there is an underlying problem. If you are seriously worried it is best to go to a doctor we might be good but we can diagnose you hehe

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No, when I feel nauseated it is like someone is pulling on my tongue. (Which might be even more unusual than your sensation. hah.)

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Nope, not here it doesn’t. That would disturb me very much actually.

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Yeah no idea what going on with you hehe. I would talk to your GP. Best to be safe right, if something is troubling you best to find out.

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The two are totally different for me.
The urge burp is a slight sensation of pressure.
Nausea is a sickening sensation.

When I have the two feelings together – look out!

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Like I said, I’m not worried about it, not looking for a diagnosis.

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The only thing I have to say is that the last time I felt nauseous I also burped a lot, it seemed to help.

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