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Is anyone else getting depressed just thinking about the impending winter?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) October 5th, 2011

It seems like it gets worse every year. I feel like a baby, whining about 50 degrees, but everyday I’m reminded about what’s coming after this. I get flashbacks of freezing while brushing snow off of my car and having to wake up earlier because of it.

I’m really not fond of the south, but I may just have to move there.

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Think of chiggers, kudzu, snakes before you make a decision. Where’s home now?

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Nope. It is hunting season.

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@gailcalled NJ.
@WestRiverrat Dark, cold, wooded areas, and searching for things that may not come? No thanks :)

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Not at all! For me, I can’t stand the summer. Unable to go outside. Trapped inside with the A/C cranking. Taking a gazillion showers every day if I step outside for just five seconds.

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My “off” months are always Feb./March when I am ready for the sun again, and August./Sept. when I am burned out on the heat, so, to answer the question, no. haha

It is RAINING for the first time in 4 months, I am ecstatic! I’m just launching! :-D

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Not even close. I prefer winter weather over any other season without question. I want to wear my sweaters, drink hot chocolate, and splash in puddles.

I also live in California and have a love-hate relationship with the sun, so…

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I live in South Western Ontario and last year we got a ton of snow!!! For my girlfriend and I, our winter consisted of watching Netflix and munching on peanut butter cups. It was too cold to go out and we were too lazy to drag our arses off of the couch.

This year, we’re doing some cross country skiing, and I’m getting ahold of my Mom’s old treadmill. No more feeling cooped up and lethargic.

I also have a ton of school work to do, plus, some books that I’d like to read, so, I’ll be keeping myself busy.

Bring it!

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@Blackberry I am. Must be us Jerseyites!

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I don’t mind winter. I DO mind the snow that’s so damn heavy and high that it takes 4 hours to shovel my driveway, and the ice that’s left behind for my behind to become intimate with when my feet decide to greet the sky.

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NO! Doin the happy happy dance… *See. Insert happy happy dance <————- here!

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Here in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re actually excited about our impending winter. Well, just the cooler temperatures anyway. It seems like our past summer was longer and hotter than ones we’ve seen in the recent past. It was pretty bad.

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I second @HungryGuy
There is only a few things about winter I don’t like:
1)the other drivers
2)trying to trudge through 4 ft snow piles
3)lack of color

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I actually like the fall and then the winter.

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Absolutely. The cold makes my joint pain/fibro worse, and pain makes me sad… If I didn’t have that to contend with, I wouldn’t be concerned with winter.

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I’m not too far from @gailcalled and I’m feeling just a bit trepidatious…trying to remember that last winter was a rare occurrence.

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I’ll be pale again!

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Alaska… Eight months… Snow… Ice… Car Crashes… People dying… Cold… Outside between every class… 75 MPH winds, nearly every day… Icy Roads… Freezing…
NOT looking forward to it.

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@AshLeigh Maybe I should stop complaining.

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@Blackberry, most likely. ;)

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I love Winter. I’m glad all these intense heatspells and light outside at 5:17 in the morning are going away. Plus in the Winter, when I go to sleep I can bury myself in big puffy blankets and be all toasty.

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I am trying not to think about it. Last Winter we had too much snow and I think it will be as bad or worse. Climate Change is here.

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Yes. The death and lack of sunlight is killer for my mood.

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35 degrees F tonight. But hockey season starts tommorrow. Go Sabres!

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Ugh! I need a drink and a blanket.

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@JilltheTooth: Possible frost tomorrow night or early Friday morning. I was going to totter out and cover my tomato plants but feel too feverish and achy.

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Frost I can deal with. Feet and feet of snow that doesn’t go away, not so much. I overheard a woman in the grocery store talking about how much fun her kids had last winter. I almost slapped her!!!

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Errr, oops…..I mean, haha! That was hilarious.

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Garden is covered for tonight. Had some great peas while doing it. Not looking forward to lousy produce. And shoveling.

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Yeah me too. Spending time outside has really been lifting my spirits lately. I’m not looking forward to not having that.

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I like winter – for the first few months of it, anyway. For one thing, you will be hard pressed to find a Jew who enjoys the Christmas season as much as I do! I don’t have to shovel (unless I visit my parents) or drive, so that’s good. If it were just a month or two shorter, I’d be all set. [Boston, MA]

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I could gloat and say ‘Yaayyy! I’m retired. I go out if and when I wanna’. But I’m not going to gloat. I love Winter and everythng about it….Well, almost everything.

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I am going into our summer months, so no. I like winter here. Mild, pretty days. Summer can be hot and humid as hell.

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It is the season of pain for us, and that makes it a total buzzkill. Other than that it’s nice here.

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Disclaimer; I’m not a Viking, but Winter rocks. :)

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Winter Is Coming

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I get what you mean Blackberry, I hear you brother !

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I enjoy the beauty of each season, but winter is my favorite.

no depression here

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In California the worst thing about the winter is that it rains sometimes. Sounds like you should move!


I love the cooler weather, but not the shorter days. Waking up to darkness, then going home from work in the dark too is depressing. That’s what I hate most about winter. And the snow shovelling. Tons of it.

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@MRSHINYSHOES You can get one of those wintertime happy lights to sit next to, to chase away the blues. Try one and give us a review.


@woodcutter I don’t have time to do that. I go swimming instead at the local community pool.

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I can’t handle winter well at all, so yeah. It’s depressing as hell. Lack of sunlight makes my depression much worse, the cold brings me additional pain, my husband usually plows snow and can be gone for days at a time, leaving me snowed in, so I just all around hate winter. Once my kids are grown and out on their own, I hope to move someplace more temperate.

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Walking in the mtns in the winter here is easier because of cooler temps and all the rattlers are sleeping, which is a good thing. I swear if you see one snake on a walk you will see dozens of them that day, or think you see them. The first week of October and still we get 90 degree days. It’s a love/ hate thing with the two seasons we get here.

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@MRSHINYSHOES How much time could it take to sit near a happy light at home? Surely you stop long enough to look at book or a movie? If the thing works for you, then I will take it as good information it works. I’d look into getting one but for now it seems a little hokus-pokus-ish. I know the light from this monitor does squat for me.

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@woodcutter I can give you a review. They work! My son needs one. We use it daily in autumn, then do it as needed in winter, and daily at the beginning of spring.

We just bought a dawn simulator, as well. It’s perfection.

Both of ours are from Phillips

@Blackberry…Me? I love every season. My son & my husband have great difficulty with the transitions. The light changes, the lack of vitamin D, the temperature changes (though both really much prefer the cold).


@woodcutter I don’t have SAD like some people do, but I do turn on more lights inside the house during the fall and winter months. But thanks for the suggestion.

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@SpatzieLover I was supposed to get one of those lights a while ago, but the prices stopped me. Which one(s) do you use?

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Phillips Go-Lite Blu, but I got mine on eBay for $70 w/free shipping. It’s a good one since you can dim or brighten the light to your choosing. My son gladly re-sets it and uses it for longer than he “must”. I don’t have SAD, but I do find it pleasant in now & in winter.

We’ve had the Wake-Up Light for less time, but I already find it a necessity and don’t know what we did without it.

We plan to use a few of our tortoise’s daylight bulbs in select lamps soon also

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