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Where can I get the AIM application for my iPhone? I need help with videos too still! I can't find any websites.

Asked by sevbandit (7points) May 9th, 2008 from iPhone


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2late2be's avatar I use this for my 3 accounts, hotmail, yahoo, and aol.

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look for tinybuddyim in the apps section on the apple site

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about to say, beejive is what I use because I don’t plan on hacking my ipod, especially this late into the game.
As for videos, do you mean a converter?
The best I’ve come across (good for all sorts of stuff), doesn’t work on a Mac though, is SUPER
website is sketchy I know, but trust me it’s a great program

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@XCnuse what do you mean to convert games?

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I didn’t say convert games, I said video converter lol

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lol!! I’m sorry!!

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beejive works pretty well, especially if you want to sign on to two or more acounts at once. But i prefer meebo.

it works well with the iphone

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