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Apple has brought many innovative gadgets to the end user. Is there something you have been waiting for Apple to do that they have not done yet?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26806points) October 6th, 2011

I always thought it would be great if Apple made a universal remote, it might seem mundane to many, but if Apple made a remote that you could access the menu of whatever item via a screen or interface on the remote without having to worry about use the TV screen for instance, that would be really cool. It would be smart, it would be able to search the code with out me having to try each code down the list until I found the right one. Would also have its own recharge cradle so I would not have to keep buying batteries. It would also have a pager feature on the cradle so you can never lose the remote, also it would have a weak transmitter so your computer could locate it by GPS also. I think Apple could have reinvented the universal remote. What have you been waiting for Apple to improve upon that they have not done yet?

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A true convergence between computer and TV as well as the rest of your media (photos, music, etc.)

In other words, what Apple TV could be. An actually usable version of Microsoft’s Media Mgr.

Apples strength is creating products which don’t require a degree in Computer Science or Engineering to operate.

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I always wanted Apple to make a modern digital camera. They made one in the past. Crazy that they did that in 1992. I would love to see what they could do with modern optics and storage. I have a Canon A2200 an the UI is absolute rubbish.

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I’m also wondering if the iPhone and iPad could now get Flash enabled and get over the grudge match with Adobe.

It would be nice but probably a pipe dream :)

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Thanks for that link. I had no idea Apple had made a camera ever. Fascinating.

They also mentioned the Newton. But that at least saw fruition with the iPad.

They were really ahead of their time as we can see with hindsight.

One of the news programs doing a feature on Steve Jobs had a memorable quote.

“He gave us things we didn’t even know we needed until he created them”. So true.

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Yes, lower their prices.

Other than that, they came out with the iPad which I was sorta expecting and waiting for them to do. Maybe something like a Kindle?

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@Buttonstc :: I use a Mac and Flash is a fucking nightmare on a quad core i5 with 16 Gigs of RAM. Still slow as fuck and it makes my computer sound like a airplane is about to take off. Since iOS is pretty much OS X I assume Flash works about the same on it.

Once Adobe codes a usable version of Flash for OS X they will add it.

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So why does it (apparently) work quite well on Android phones. Not that I have firsthand knowledge but it is the one constant annoyance which has me seriously thinking of changing my iPhone to an Android version when I’m ready to upgrade.

There are SO MANY times when people put in a link to a UTube or Flash vid which is inaccessible so I am left in the dark. Arrgh.

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@Buttonstc :: From what I gather it kinda works on Android phones. It still kills your battery.

Think of the Flash games that require keyboard input. How does that work?

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I so totally agree that a universal remote is possible/viable/useful.

All they would need to do is put an IR emitter on the iPod touch and with a good app most remotes for media-center gadgets are obsolete.

Almost none of the smartphones or tablets have an IR emitter (I ran across one once made by an obscure brand).

It’s such an obvious possible convergence.

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* A 7” iPad

* A Mac that doesn’t charge tomorrows prices for yesterdays specs.

* Stop trying to patent everything in such a way as to create a monopoly on things like GUI, touchscreens, the color blue, and the lower-case I.

* Flash.

* Stop sealing the cases

* Stop removing options; hide settings, don’t lock them.

* Stop censoring apps.

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iPortal Gun.

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Clone Steve Jobs.

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Anything new can get old ^^

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One of the things about Apple is that it put out products that people didn’t know they wanted. It happened with the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, and now the iPad.

Every one was criticized and predicted to flop, every one met massive success.

I don’t know what I want next, but hopefully without Steve Apple still will, and I will be amazed.

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@jerv that was worth at least 4 or 5 GA !

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One thing you have to give Apple credit for is that they doing make what we need; they make stuff and then people realize they need it. GUI, portable MP3 players, touchscreen smartphones… they may not be the best, but they are often first.

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