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Canada legalizes same sex marriage. My partner is American. I'm a Canuck. I wonder if we could get married here, then she could live in Canada (spousal visa). Anyone know?

Asked by Jude (32126points) October 6th, 2011

Either that, or I could marry her gay Uncle Jim and live over there. I promised him that he could wear the dress (he’d like that).

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This is a great question. I was wondering this also in the states. I don’t know if there has to be some sort of official federal law, or is it enough that the gay people are married in one of the states where it is legal. I am guessing in the US it is not enough to have been married in one of the states where it is legal right now. The reason I say this is the US acknowedges marriages from many countries, yet as far as I know a gay married couple cannot apply for residency or citizenship based on their marriage from the other country. Like the US as a country still does not acknowledge gay marriage.

Did Canada make it legal nationally? Or, just in your province?

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@Jude Then I would think she can apply for a spousal visa. But, I thought you both were thinking of moving to MI?

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@JLeslie Michigan would be our first choice. I was just wondering about the other. :)

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I hope these type of challenges start happening in the US. Theoretically you should be able to marry and apply for spousal visa in America in my opinion. Since I am around people from other countries so often, this is one of the very things we complain about as a disadvantage, along with all the other laws gay people cannot take advantage of because they could not get legally married.

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@JLeslie, My g/f: I hate that this is a huge civil rights issue that gets no attention. People think marriage rights are all about tax breaks. No one ever thinks about unfair immigration practices. I wonder if we could find a lawyer who would take our case pro bono just for the fuck of it. If we won we could change history.
Maybe we could call Jeff Feiger (from Michigan). He might take this on for the attention. :)

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My girlfriend is trying to find a new job (because of cutbacks. Just last week, she received a 10 percent dock in pay). She presently works for an environmental consultant company. And, that was her response above.

My response: just worry about finding a new job. ;)
Hers: Bahahaha!!! I know. My ovaries want to take on the world. “Simmer down there, ovaries!!” Haha! In response to the link about sponsoring your same-sex partner in Canada, excellent!!! Yes, I knew that it was legal in Canada. It should be legal everywhere, fuckers!!!! I would marry you anywhere and live anywhere to be with you. I would love for it to be Michigan, though.


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Where does your girlfriend live no, @Jude? US or Canada?

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In Michigan.

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@Jude Yeah, I have had more than one friend who would have had it much easier with immigration if he could have married his same sex SO. I once had a conversation about this with someone against same sex marriage, well it was just me arguing the injustices, like taxes, death benefits, and being able to get a spousal visa. I hate to tell you what this asshole said. He said, “if we give them those rights they will abuse it. Gay people will start getting married just to stay here.” Can you believe the idiocy of that statement? What does he think that people don’t do that anyway? Don’t get married to live here. And, why should only straight people have the ability to abuse a system anyway.

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I’m completely straight but I don’t understand the systems need to control you in that way.
It should be a freedom automatically granted. They have no right to tell you who to love and keep you from marrying who you do.
I’m rooting for the law to change in favor, as they don’t tell me I can’t marry a male convict they shouldn’t tell you you can’t marry a normal, loving woman.

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