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What music you're listening to right now?

Asked by Sponge (541points) October 6th, 2011 from iPhone

I love music, all kinds of music but it’s hard for me to find new stuff to listen to. Tell me what you have on your playlist then I’ll go on iTunes to sample and maybe buy them. Even if it’s foreign if i like it I’ll buy it.

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I got Victory Fanfare from FF7 and blasted that in my car, hahaha!

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I’m crazy about LMFAO these days. I have no idea why, not the type of music I listen to normally. I’m in love with Champagne showers. Going crazy listening to that!

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Mix on my iPhone. Current song: Jim by Swans.

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Zomboy, Adventure Club Dubstep, Skrillex

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Two most recently purchased cd’s for me are

Mister Heavenly- Out of love
J. Cole- Cole World

Two totaly different genres. I really dig them both.

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At this moment? Ride by The Vines. I love my Pandora station.

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An artist named Dwele

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The new MGMT album.

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Dave Matthews *IPod is on shuffle mode.

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Ok thanks for your suggestions so far please keep them coming. From rap to trailer music I listen to them all :)

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The Bee Gees…....If I Can’t Have You…..just a great song. I love the french horn in the background.

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If Loving You Is WrongThe Maytones

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Someone Like You .. I just can’t seem to get enough of that voice. It’s simply awesome. The lyrics are powerful too having been in similar situations.

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Monster by Skillet
I am in love with that song. Oh and also “Whispers In The Dark” as well :D

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Right now? At this very moment?

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“Punching in a Dream” by The Naked and Famous is my new favorite song, check it out.

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Since someone introduced me to them on an earlier thread today: Foster the People.

Sometimes it’s nice to know that I’m not restricted to my father’s choices in music. Though he always had excellent taste, he refused to listen to anything composed after around 1900 or so.

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@flutherother *Sniff… That’s a beautiful thing.

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Donna Summer right now… *But I’m pushing the shuffle ahead, I can only take so much of that noise if and when not in the mood, and I am not in the mood…

Ahhh That’s better… Baptised by fire By: Spinerette!

*I peeked, this is next… YAY!

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I just woke up and am listening to Felt while my tea steeps.

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I’m not currently listening to any music “right now” but I am whistling dixie just as I speak…..type!

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Chromeo – Nice N Clean

Kid kind of dictates what I listen to these days.

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@GabrielsLamb I love her. “Walking on Broken Glass” is my favorite song of hers.

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As we speak, Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins is playing. Other than that, I’ve been listening to a lot of Billy Joel’s The Stranger lately.

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I just finished watching a youtube video featuring the song “Praan”. One of the more beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

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James Vincent Mcmorrow and Peter Doran

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Alright thanks everyone,checking out the recommended songs and artists right now :)

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Yeah, @Bluefreedom, where the hell is Matt, anyway?

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@CWOTUS. He’s still on the loose, dancing away, and nowhere to be found. =)

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“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…”

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Bennie and the Jets – Elton John

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Machines – Mason Jennings

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Since I ran across this thread in the context of a different music search a little while ago…

I’m listening to (Music India Online). I got sort of hooked on some popular Bollywood stuff on the plane ride back from India earlier in the week, and – even though I can’t understand a single word of the Hindi stuff – some of the music is compelling, and all of it is new to me.

Maybe we’ll get this thread rolling again.

And, @BlueFreedom, Matt did another version in 2012 that was every bit as good as (maybe better than) the original.

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One of the greatest tracks created in the history of mankind:

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