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What is the truth of you that no one really knows or understands?

Asked by GabrielsLamb (6176points) October 6th, 2011

Everyone has a public image of themselves that is either given to them by others, or adopted by the self as a means to cover over the more delicate portions.

Who are you really, internally that no one really knows or understands?

Example: If you’re the tough guy all the time, and everyone knows you as this and behaves toward you as this, are you really soft and cuddly inside and not many people know?

Or if you are that tough, rough chick that never takes any guff from anyone, is there a part of you that breaks down and decompresses when you’re by yourself where you are sensitive and fragile? Or vice versa…

Or are you always who you are publically and privately all the time with no variance between public and private?

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I’m highly sensitive, deeply loving, very sensual and tactile, very kind to those who need it, and more genuine than many people realize. *Even though that’s not always a good thing.

Everyone sees the Bitch, and the crazy and not much more than that.

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I wanna fall in looooove!

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I tend to come off a lot as a sarcastic asshole but im genuinely a nice guy.

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@Blackberry Awww… You will honey, you deserve the RIGHT one… That takes time and patience.

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@uberbatman For the record… That kinda shows through.

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I am in fact Prince William of Englandshire &..........well, to be frank for a moment (I love my uncle Frank) Kate is a right royal nympho!!! I mean, the woman just wants it all the sodding time, it really is quite a burden for a future king to bear. Ah well, tally-ho old bean & all that shite don’t you know ;¬}

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@ucme Uhhh… Yeah.

Said like… <—————This.

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More than several times throughout the day I will appear to be working when I’m actually screwing around here. It is hard for me to stay on task – especially if I find, or someone offers, something interesting to divert my attention. I will switch tasks faster than a 6 year old with AD-... Oh look! A butterfly!

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@GabrielsLamb Sarcastic laughter, much like this!!

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@ucme ROFLMAO! That was hilarious! The teeth look familiar too. DOH!

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@worriedguy I’ll tell your boss that you’re making the world a better place and he needs to give you a raise FOR being on here with us. That’ll teach him!

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That as it turns out I do have emotions.

Response moderated (Writing Standards)
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@jess22402 Yes my dear it does make perfect sense… You’re not alone… Read upward from yours. Apart from all of those who use sadistic humor to hide it even more given the chance to really share… *As if we couldn’t see through that too.

Everyone feels this way as a majority.

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@GabrielsLamb Ah yes, we all remember that first kiss do we not?

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@ucme I try to forget mine actually… I got a titty twister and it sucked!

*He was being “romantic”

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My personas in public and in private are mostly identical I think. A few hidden surprises here and there but nothing dangerous!

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I’m pretty analytic and direct. But I am also really sensitive and shy. Most people laugh when they hear this because all they see is my analytic side.

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I’m just going to leave this link right here. There isn’t much about us that no one else knows.

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That I care too much but I show it in a very awful way.

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@SavoirFaire It’s swifts glass!

I understand that as a concept, but I still believe it as a rule regardless. Defining something, doesn’t always adequately solve the problem of it in demonstration.

”{Satire} is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own; which is the chief reason for that kind of reception it meets in the world, and that so very few are offended with it.”

Which can really be applied to any and all personality catagorizations or distinctions.

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I seem shy and aloof but I am also sensitive and kind. Sometimes I sense a rude and obnoxious person trying to get out. Sometimes he does.

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It took me many years to integrate my outsides with my insides, and I’m glad I put the work into achieving that. I don’t have to worry about being one thing one place and acting in a different form in another place. What you see is what you get, and I’d like to think that is an intelligent, caring, sometimes witty, gay man.

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People on fluther know pretty much everything there is to know about me. In real life, there are so many secrets that almost no one knows my true self, with the possible exception of one or two people.

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@wundayatta In lieu of the purpose of this very question… I bet a know a few or more.

and I don’t even know you so therefore I don’t dare even say one of them.

*but they are mostly good so… It’s cool.

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@Hawaii_Jake You did a good job kiddo!

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@flutherother Yeah but when that person does escape from you… It is always from a place of intelligence, so… snarky is good in your particular case.

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@GabrielsLamb Well, of course you believe it. We all believe it to some extent. That’s the problem with a cognitive bias: knowing about it only helps you keep it in check, not eliminate it.

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People (in real life) seem to think I’m boring… I’m not. I’m also not as put-together as I may seem, nor do I have it easy in life.

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I seek forgiveness in the shadows of every human being…

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@GabrielsLamb Thanks for your thoughts but, sadly, I’m the boss…

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I guess I might be one of em hard outside all mushy inside person. But beyond that, I don’t even think that I know my own truth. XD

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Feigning joy.
Feeling pain.

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I find this hard to answer because I have always had trouble figuring out how other people see me.
Do they see me as a quiet, shy, submissive person who needs to toughen up? New York has toughened me up quite a bit.
Do they see me as weak and easy to impose their will on? If they cross me they will find out I know how to defend myself if need be.
Do they see me as sarcastic and easy to anger? I can be, but I have a warm heart and a forgiving nature and am very non-judgmental.
Do they see me as hyperanalytical and with no sense of humor? Possibly, sometimes, but then, I can also be the exact opposite. The surprise on people’s faces when I make a good joke is priceless. They tend to think I am always serious.

I feel misunderstood a lot which isn’t good of course. I think the biggest thing that people don’t understand about me is that I am highly emotional. I come from a family where people were very reserved about expressing emotions and I feel awkward when I try to express things to people so sometimes I come off as being cold when I am anything but.

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I’m me all the time, who else would I be? lol
Aside from social graces, where I might moderate myself a bit, as in keep my humor and off the cuff personality a little more subdued than usual, but, no gaurantees, lol
Nope, I’m very authentic, no masks, and I am often complimented on being “real.”

I have my concerns about a few things in my life, but nothing that causes any breach of authenticity.

There’s really no deep, hidden anything with me, what you see is what you get, as it should be, but, I do agree, the world is short on aunthenticity.

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@Coloma AMEN!

@worriedguy Well then what are you waiting for give yourself a raise man !

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I can’t really think of anything. I think, if anything, I tend to be entirely too honest and open. I often fail to think before I speak, and I reveal too much on a regular basis. I’m not good at faking much of anything, even when it would probably do me some good.

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Oh yeah and, I am not a racist.

So get off elsewhere…

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At some point, I guess,
I figured it’s not normal
The yelling, that is…
I even made it a Haiku. Aren’t you proud of me, @AshLeigh? :D

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@Faidle, very proud![=

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