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What is the best IM client out there for both mac and pc?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) October 6th, 2011

I would like to IM my business partners. Some of them have a PC and some have a Mac. What IM client out there would work so that everyone can IM together with both kinds of computers? Thanks for you help.

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njnyjobs's avatar trillian is a popular cross platform IM client with versions for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and Blackberry Smatphones

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Most work on many platforms (I believe Adium is a client that can access many networks on Mac, Pidgin on Windows and Linux), and in the worst-case scenario you can always use (a website that lets you IM through many different networks without having to install anything).

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uhh, skype obviously

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It doesn’t really matter so much if they have Mac or PC, but rather Yahoo vs AIM vs GChat vs MSN, etc. But Pidgin lets everyone talk to everyone – ie I can talk to someone who only has Yahoo chat while I only have GChat by using Pidgin. Skype would be my other recommendation. I would not recommend Trillian, because it puts tons of crapware on your computer.

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We used ICQ for years, is that still around???

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I am with @Aethelflaed; Pidgin is good, Trillian is bloatware with a side order of crap.

@rooeytoo Yes, and Pidgin can do it.

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