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Are there any animals that you are in awe of/find majestic?

Asked by Jude (32134points) October 6th, 2011

I love the Blue Heron. We have one that lives at our pond down the road. I could sit there and watch it for a good hour. Beautiful.

I also really like octopi and elephants.

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All of them.

I too find the ones you’ve listed to be mesmerizing.

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I love owls. We have them here in Hawai’i. One is native, and the others were brought in. I used to live in a very rural part of the island and saw them regularly. They are beautiful and stealthy.

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Let’s just say, if I were Gulliver, when I got to the Houyhnhnm… That would have been the end of the book. I wouldn’t have left.

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Polar Bears R.I.P are my favorite. When I was around ten we went to the zoo in Denver. They had a few in a tank and they would swim up to the glass walls on the tank. They are huge and lovely. But, if one sneezed while you are around it could slice your head clean off.

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I personally love Peregrine Falcons. Something about a bird of prey that makes a pigeon look like it just imploded makes me smile.

@Hawaii_Jake Owls are AWESOME. Right after the Peregrines, they’re all at the top of my list.

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Honey Badgers and Sea Otters.

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slime molds. They’re unicellular organisms that can combine together into a multicell organism to move about and look for more food. If you wanted the number one contender for alien life on earth I’d say that’s it.

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@KidCurtis Honey badgers rock!

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Most water-dwelling animals, and some insects. Probably because they’re the animals I’m least familiar with.

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All of them. I have a particular fascination for sea creatures and felines.

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I love all animals, but yes, horses.

I love it when the neigh-bors ( 2 mules and a draft horse ) come galloping up the creek bed from my lower pasture every evening on their way back to their barn.
The sound of their hooves on the ground, crashing over the rocks and thundering up the hill. One of the BEST sights and sounds ever!

Also…just now, a flock of canada geese flying over in formation, honking as they go. Beautiful!

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Duh, Jellyfish

Actually any of them.

I am especially fond of one of my neighbors horses

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Oooh, what kissable lips! Yeah, I know, what can I say, I have always had a fetish for horse lips and wiggling their chinny chin chins. lol

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Tigers, Elephants, and Dolphins

These are my favorite animals and they’re all awesome

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@Coloma I will go over and do that just for you

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I have strong feelings about many animals. Like @Hawaii_Jake, I love owls. I love the way they look and their fascinating behaviour.

I also feel so emotionally connected to polar bears. I saw a documentary about the predictions for their survival and burst into tears (my kids were less than sympathetic). I just cannot believe this planet is in such a mess that such an amazing animal is in such peril.

Whales. I went on a whale watching tour off Western Australia and looked down into the eye of a humpbacked whale. It was an amazing moment. It made me catch my breath. I cannot watch the news when coverage of whale hunting comes on.

Bees. I love bees. The role they play in the ecosystem is so important and yet we are poisoning them.

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Irukandji, how something so small can hobble something 300 times it size like a human, with just one swipe of its tentacles.

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Oooh, and Bluebirds! I have scads of Bluebirds around here, the western and mountain bluebirds range overlaps in my area. I often have 5 or 6 at a time fighting over the birdbath. :-)

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flaps flippers a little bashfully

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There’s so many. I love Giraffe’s and wolves.

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Cane Corso dogs

They are unbelievably badass.

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Owls and ravens. They look creepy and yet so majestic. When you see an owl flying, it’s like holy shit. Sometimes they fly really slow, and they make no noise at all. It’s pretty amazing. They also have really neat looking feathers and colours, although seeing that in detail live is pretty tough. Also they have cool faces.

Ravens here can get pretty huge, they almost look like eagles. I was told there are no ravens in my area…well if not, these are some fucking huge ass crows then.
Ravens are also very peculiar, and they’re apparently pretty smart. Keeping watch from high places as their buddies are eating, then if potential danger appears, the guardian sounds the alarm.
Once, I was sitting at some picnic table, and there was a seagull on the ground, near some discarded pizza crust or something. A raven came, landed some ways behind the gull. It started walking really fast towards the crust. He looked so funny and cute, waddling over there. Then it nabbed the crust and flew off. As it did though, a flock of ravens some ways off that I had not noticed all flew off at the same time, screeching like mad, as if to cheer their friend that got the food. That poor seagull was scared shitless and totally flew off like a maniac lol. I myself was rather startled. I’m like shit, what’s goin on? (I did once see a seagull attacking a raven in midair though, and it was pretty much kicking its ass)

Condors are slick too, but I’ve never seen one in real life. I also love butterflies.

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I love those dogs, they are amazing..but..I’d be afraid to fall asleep in my own house with one. lol

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I used to have this huge pine tree in my yard and every night there were about 10 Turkey Vultures that roosted in it. I love Vultures. They are so cool! Admittedly seeing one eating a roadkill cat kinda made me queasy. haha

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@Coloma Yeah, vultures are really neat too. But never seen one of those in real life, either.

I see ravens eating out of dumpsters sometimes. Slightly less majestic. XD But only slightly.

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I want an elephant. Actually two or more elephants, so they always have company.

And I love most creatures. I’ve been called Dr Doolittle more than once because I talk to the animals.

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I always loved killer whales. I love watching them swim in unison, hunt (although I feel bad for the prey), and I love watching documentaries about them.

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@Symbeline you’ve never seen a vulture?! I see them ten times a day here in the south.

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Look at my new avatar, jumping spider eyes…awwwww. lol

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@KateTheGreat Up in the frozen North, I don’t know how many types we have. I thought they were mostly warm weather critters. I’m told there are some here, but I’ve never seen any. Seen huge ass wild turkeys though lol.

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@Bellatrix Smart penguin!

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I am in awe of nature as a whole. Animals I am particularly in awe of are owls, horses, wolves, lions, elephants, giraffes, highland cows, whales, sharks, insects, magpies…my list could go on.

Despite this list, my all time favourite animal is the domestic dog. I wouldn’t say I’m in aw of them and not all of them are particularly majestic but they make me incredibly happy.

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All of them.

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I love those Scottish Highlander cows!

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@Coloma They’re beautiful!

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As a child I loved Cheetahs. As a teen I loved White Falcons. I think now I love them all. :/

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Tigers and jaguars

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