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What is something you like to do, but are actually pretty terrible at doing?

Asked by Nimis (13127points) October 6th, 2011

Sometimes the whole do-what-you-like-to-do thing doesn’t always work for everyone.

I love gardening. But I think the plants cringe in fear when I enter a nursery.
Maybe there should be some ominous music as I reach for them.

Poor suckers.

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I like to paint.

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Two of my passions from a recent question actually.

I’m not good at bowling or pool, but I love playing them both regardless.
You can practically hear my bowling ball blushing as I pick it up.

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golf, fishing, snowboarding. . . . I do them anyway and enjoy doing them over work.

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Yeah, I’m a pretty bad artist… But I enjoy doing it so much I don’t really care what anyone thinks about it, I am good enough at other things that I have a buffer.

No one can say certain things that I can do are bad because they would simply put… be completely full of shit and merely blame it on personal opinion.

That’s just a fact jackson… take it as arrogance or belligerence. I don’t care really

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@Nimis Plants would run from me if they could. But I love them! I do try not to hurt them because of it though.


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Dance and sing.

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Dancing and singing.

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Table Tennis

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Yes, sing. I can sing a few sings really well, mostly I’m not very good.
I’m always belting them out in my car while driving, I always laugh when I pass someone and they see my face, mouth wide open, carrying on.

It’s always the best when the song matches your driving like ” Here I go again” by Whitesnake. :-D

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I would have to say gardening. I love my garden but I am a totally crap gardener. My whole family says I have brown thumbs. My daughter has cautioned me not to go to the plant nursery because it is cruel to kill plants. My son stuck a stake in one of my plant pots outside that said “I tried but I died” (It was just dormant not dead!!!). My brother and sister made disparaging remarks about my garden…

I do try and they do die…

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Science labs.

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Yoga. I will get there some day though. Toes, Here I come!

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Singing, and playing piano


Drawing and painting.


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