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How come the snooze button on most alarm clocks gives you another NINE minutes to sleep?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) May 10th, 2008

Why nine? It seems like such an off number? Why not just make it 10?

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Mine (an old mobile phone) gives me 6… far my record is hitting it 12 times.

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because it sounds the alarm for that last minute, giving you an even ten.

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The clock is on a microchip. Many different clock manufacturers used the same chip.

(My clocks snooze button gives seven more minutes)

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From memory (someone told me a long while ago): It is ever so slightly cheaper to design a digital clock that records an interval of +9 minutes instead of +10. Say for example, the time is 08:05 and your alarm has just set off, the main board in the clock can simply monitor the singular minutes column for the next occurrence of the number 4, instead of having to monitor both columns for the numbers 1 and 5, which would require more memory.

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See reference 2 at the base of the article:

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Mine is nine too, and I had been wondering the same thing. Is the iPhone nine minutes too?

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It’s to prove that you can actually do complex math while alseep ( if I hit the snooze three more times and then skip the six minute shower and then pee at work, that still gives me eight minutes to get readdy ).

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If something like an iPhone is nine minutes snooze time, then I’m guessing it’s more out of tradition than limitation.

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@syz ah hahaha thats exactly what i do with mine which is 8 minute snoozes. Im getting pretty good with my 8 times tables while sleeping :P

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Just one of those great mysteries of life!

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I always assumed it was to give yourself a minute to get up!

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