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Will you be purchasing the iPhone 4s?

Asked by iphigeneia (6224points) October 6th, 2011 from iPhone

As for myself, I’d been holding out for this because I need a new smartphone, but it doesn’t seem to be worth the price (from $799 in Australia). I doubt the price for the ordinary iPhone 4 will drop that much, though, so I might just go for it.

Any techier jellies got an opinion?

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$799? That should be a rape charge.

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Nope. I have the 4, and the improvements are not enticing enough to tempt me this time. I love the idea of Siri and a better camera but still- not that thrilling.

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Yep. The wife and I will both be upgrading. I have a 3G and she is still on Edge. I’ve been waiting. Yay!

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@Blackberry I know! And yet they still line up around the block!

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Glad I don’t live in Australia…here the cheapest one is $199, which is reasonable for a phone of that caliber. And the answer is yes, I will be buying one as soon as possible.

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Nope. I am happy with my Droid X.

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No and I agree @iphigeneia. Daylight robbery but yep, watch them all join the queue.

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And to think here I am fretting over just the idea of 20 dollar lipstick!

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We have an iPhone 4. Cost us nearly £600 and is not all that different from the 3GS. Alot more bulky and the camera is better, but everything else is pretty much the same…..I am not a fan, sold mine and bought the new Blackberry Bold with fancy touch screen. I love this phone although my SO is so in love with his iPhone, but uses it more like a gaming centre.

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Okay- I was not all that tempted till I saw that Best Buy will buy my 4 for $300 if I buy a 4S from them on pre-order….. Good thing I am completely broke.

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I have the iPhone4 with another year left on my contract so it will depend on what is available when I am due for an upgrade. My boyfriend has the 4s and loves it!

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