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After watching the new south park epsiode what do you think is going to happen next?

Asked by ganti_x89 (375points) October 6th, 2011

After watching “your getting older” episode i must say it is one of the most sad episodes of south park I’ve seen.

We did see a new side of Stan like him starting to drink at an early age. Which is something that you regularly don’t see in a lot of shows and new revelations as well in the series.

Do you think the southpark creators might start doing some episodes where they make some episodes a dressing some of the things people can go through at an early age?

Where do you think they might go from here?

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Those guys are geniuses. They can go anywhere, do anything, or not change a thing.

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Most South Park episodes contain a message, just hidden away behind a crude front… I still remember the one from years ago warning of the dangers of leaving a tampon in for too long. As @filmfann says, those guys are geniuses.

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I don’t doubt that they know where they’re going but man, I have no idea where they’re going with this. It seems to almost be switching between topics; on one hand, they’re emphasizing change and feeling jaded with the show and on another hand, they’re emphasizing sticking with what you know. So I really don’t know what they’re going to end up doing…

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South park completely lost my attention on the satanic forrest creature Christmas episode… I haven’t watched it since.

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@GabrielsLamb That is one of my favorites.

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@filmfann I realize it probably would be for many people. I can only deal with so much and I prefer the much older episodes before the novelty wore off for me.

There was a time where all of it was more necessary because there were boundaries that needed to be pushed and they executed that brilliantly… Then it just turned into raunch for the sake of being raunchy and it kind of overlooked its own purpose and took advantage of the very right that pushing the boundaries afforded them. There is a respect that should be maintained when you set out to achieve anything that once you achieve it, it is just tacky to then turn around and shit on it.

Respectfully… I realize it is funny, just not to my specific tastes. In all fairness it goes to far sometimes.

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