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How long do you wait to drop a good joke in a thread if you have one?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) October 6th, 2011

This is in no way a knock or a complaint- I lurve the joke answers.

I am just curious. If you see a question in General or Meta, and you think of a funny joke, do you have an internal rule about how many actual answers come in before you add your comment?

Have you ever gotten pissed somebody beat you with a similar line?

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If it’s the social area I will drop a joke any time, but often feel like a bit of a twat when I post a joke as the first answer. In the general area I have given up on the idea of jokes, I just accept it’s not the place for it and refrain.

However, I often get a strong urge to troll the ever loving crap out of the general area with jokes. I often see questions in there that are just begging for a good bit of sarcasm, or random strange humor.

Looking at the general section questions at the moment, here are some I would not mind dropping a joke in:

- What are alcoholics known for doing?

- What methods have worked for you to get your child to stop talking back?


How should I go about destroying some data?

As for Meta, its rare to find me here, so few jokes.

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Sometimes I think of a funny answer, then I agonize over trying to find the proper answer to join it, so that it isn’t removed by the mods.

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As with farts, I pretty much just let them fly, although I do try to be careful that I am in the right section.

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I am pretty spontaneous. If I think of something, I post it.

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If I have something, it just happens. It’s ’‘usually’’ related to the matter at hand, but I can be pretty crass, stupid and obscure, so it hardly ever seems like it.

I wait for nothing though.

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Depends on my mood and if I read the question as serious or supercilious .

I give both when both are there, but the supercilious one hits first.

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I like to tell thread-appropriate jokes. I’ve forgotten more jokes than I can recall now, and I can recall hundreds. But it wouldn’t be appropriate to drop some jokes – even the best ones – in a thread that’s not fertile for that joke.

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penguin farts…hee hee hee

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Usually after already nine answers have been given.
But, as you can see, they’re not always successful…

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What is this section you call “General”?

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Oh, it’s major, colonel. But that’s a private joke.

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@CWOTUS That was a really rank comment.

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@CWOTUS I senior joke the other day, but didn’t like it.

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Pounding my head on the desk, now.

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I think we’re all suffering from corporal punishment.

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Coming over to pound your head on the desk, now…

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Oy – that hoits!

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@JilltheTooth you could drill her from now until next March, and she’d still parade those things out there. It’s going to take heavy artillery to stop her. Personally, I think she tanked on this thread.

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@CWOTUS I call @JilltheTooth as a materiel witness.

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@janbb the Tooth! You can’t handle the Tooth!

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@CWOTUS Inci-dentally, I can. (and by the way, that was good.)

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And yes, that was very good, both of you

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Eh, I’m still waiting for a good joke. These are just bombs.

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@CWOTUS So nu? Bring out the heavy artillery; why cannon you!

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Ack! Ack! Is that the best you’ve got?

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@CWOTUS : Don’t you mean “Auk, Auk”?

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@JilltheTooth Now don’t get too emu-tional here!

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It’s not a matter of time or how many answers. If a question is in social or meta, I just drop it. If the question is in general I try to control myself but sometimes I can’t. And if I can’t, on occasion, control myself, I do it with the full knowledge that I will almost certainly be modded.

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What ^ she said!

I mean c’mon…can’t you tell by my face that I’m a joker? LOL

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Q: How did the hipster burn the roof of his mouth?
A: He ate his pizza before it was cool.

This long.

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@SavoirFaire far out, we got pizza for munchies!

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I just did right now!

Except it’s not actually a good joke.

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