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How to I create a website? How do I add content? I purchased a domain name that is hosted by Go Daddy but what next?

Asked by lillycoyote (24798points) October 6th, 2011

This question will only show how unschooled and clueless I am about these things, but I bought the domain name from Go Daddy a while ago with the intention, obviously, of doing something with it and they host it and I really should to something with it, but how?

Go Daddy has their own product for creating websites called Website Tonight but there’s a monthly charge for it and it just seem like there has to be a way to do it that both reasonably simple for someone who doesn’t know a lot about these things, like me, I and without the monthly fee. I don’t really know anything about HTML but my needs for the site would be pretty simple, I think.

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What are you looking for? If you just want a simple blog installing Wordpress is easy and there are a lot of themes. There is a nice back-end to add and manage stuff.

If you want to go that route let me know and I can walk you through it.

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@johnpowell Thanks, I appreciate that. That would probably be more that enough. I just want to try to do something with my site. I have a few things to say, just like any other idiot with a computer. A basic blog type thing would probably be more than adequate and for me to believe that my big, fat lazy ass would do much more is wishful thinking. I have just always thought that Wordpress hosted blogs on their site. I didn’t realize they had a website design application or software. That is something that I could use on a site that wasn’t a Wordpress site?



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Listen to @johnpowell – wp with GoDaddy is easy!

jrpowell's avatar has the free and open source software. You can install it on your own server. uses wordpress but they do all the tedious work of keeping things running.

The two things are combined. The paid service keeps the free part going. I use Wordpress here. You can beat the shit out of it if you want to.

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I use as a web hosting platform. They offer much easier to use tools, including plugins. I have used in the past but found them difficult to maneuver.

I personally love (free) as a website platform (different from web hosting) and use it for all of my business needs (I have a lot of business needs). Wordpress’s functionality through plugins and different themes really is the most exhaustive and available freeware (not all of it is free but the code to program themes and plugins is free, and there are many free themes and plugins as well) out there. You don’t need HTML for wordpress but if you happen to know some and want to use it in your site, there are plugins for that too. It integrates well with Google Analytics (,,,, etc.

you can check out my sites for ideas. I have two different themes.

I am also happy to help if you have questions.

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1)Under “contact us” if you have a webform there, make sure to have a “CC”, box. or give people a choice of info@ .... address. so they can use their email account.
2)If the site is going to the public with music, have it on medium not highest. Some of them…sheesh.
To be continued.

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