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Hard time breathing, help?

Asked by xStarlightx (416points) October 6th, 2011

So for the past two days I’ve been having a really hard time breathing. I’ll list my symptoms.

- Can’t take a deep breath
– Coughing for no reason, no mucus at all
– If I walk more then a few feet I get winded.
– Wheezing
– If I inhale I have a sharp pain in the left center of my chest
– The pain has significantly increased.
– I’ve taken my inhaler and it hasn’t worked.

Now I have had Pulmonary Embolisms before so I am very worried it could be something like that again but then again I don’t want to rush to the ER if I have nothing to worry about. I’ve also have had a lot of swelling in my left leg, I’ve had DVT in my left leg too so I don’t know if its all related to one another.

Should I go to the ER? I don’t currently have a doctor I can see.

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Yes. Go to the ER.

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Oh god. Get to the ER ASAP. I have went to the ER for less. They won’t be mad.

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Please, go to the ER. This is the perfect example of what it’s for.

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ER, now. Please.

And please keep us posted. We’ll worry about you!

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I’m trying to find a ride there but everyone is asleep and I don’t want to wake up my mom because she has work in the morning x.x;

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I am sure your mom would rather take you to the ER than find you dead or unconscious in the morning.

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Wake her the fuck up or steal money from her purse to call a cab.

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If I were your mom, I’d want to be woken up. Otherwise, call an ambulance.

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Sounds like diabetes doing something, go to the ER RIGHT NOW! Before they have to sever a leg.

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I do hope this young woman is on the way to the hospital.

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If hospitals where she is are like hospitals where I am, three hours is not long enough to pass before we get an update. Be a few hours.

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Doctor time!

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Go to the emergency room or call the local emergency number (such as 911) if breathing difficulty comes on suddenly or seriously interferes with your breathing.

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To echo everyone else:


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Thank you for all of your answers and support, Fluther family <3 It turns out that I had an infection that was compromising my breathing and also making me very week and tired. They have me on Keflax (sp?) and I’m to take that four times a day. They also gave me pain medication to help with my chest and leg pain. A few of my test were elevated and it turns out I even had a fever and I didn’t even realize it till I got there. I’m so sorry for not responding sooner, they kept me for a few days and to be honest I’ve just been sleeping a lot. They also have me on oxygen so I can take deeper breaths. If you all have any more questions please feel free to ask and again thank you all so much <3

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So glad you went!!

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No worries on the delay in getting back to us. We were all just worried about you. Good you are on the road to being well again.

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I’m so glad you went in, and are on the mend now. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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