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What were some popularly sold items in the 1930's?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2784points) October 7th, 2011

If I was looking at a newpaper in the US during the 1930’s, what might I find in the advertisements?

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Anything from Sears. That catalog was like the Internet shopping of the 1900’s on

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Clothing and department store ads, and in great number.

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Here’s my mother, in 1933, hawking Palmolive soap. She, the famous Italian beauty, was in reality, a nice 19-year-old Jewish girl and daughter of two immigrants, one from Russian and the other from the Ukraine.

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Men’s collar stays.
Shoe polish.
Women’s rollers.
Cuff links.
Dress and shoe clips.
Long underwear.
Hats for men and women.
Gloves for men and women.
Canning jars.
Common shed tools.
Glass lamps
Chamber pots
Water cisterns for indoors

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Shaving cream and razor blades.

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Could I interest you in this combined radio and record player, the RCA Victrola? Only $2,000 in today’s money.

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various kinds of remedies and preparations, most of which don’t exist now

cars for under $1000

shaving cream



and much, much more

Here are some pages of newspaper advertising from the 1930s.

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@Jeruba, great minds…we posted the same site.

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So we did, @bkcunningham. Probably I got there by a different route, but—oh, well.

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Yes. Oh well. Whatever route you arrived.

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I hear printed news papers were very big then. ;-P

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I’m 80 years old, but hardly old enough to have done much shopping in the 30’s.

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Crank up record players (Victrolas)
High button shoes
Nylon hose with back seams
Straw hats
Witch hazel
Straight razors
Old Spice after shave?
Macurachrome (I can’t spell it but it was for scrapes and cuts)
Push mowers , no motor
Womens hats with veils
Wheaties cereal
Cigarettes with no filter
Womens and mens handkerchiefs
Whole milk with cream on top (often delivered to the door by “milkmen’)
Drip coffee makers
Crochet needles
I wasn’t born in the thirties but it was really fun to answer this great question for me. More fun than folding laundry.

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