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Should tall girls NOT wear high heels?

Asked by Eby109 (94points) October 7th, 2011

I’m about 5, 7 and sometimes I like to wear high heels but whenever I do people say that I shouldn’t im already tall enough. So what I would like to know is do tall girls look weird when they wear them?

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I hate it when people say that. Even if I was 6 feet tall I would wear high heels and tower over everyone else!! Just because you have a good height does not mean you shouldn’t wear heels. The purpose of heels, in my opinion is to enhance your look, make you look sexy and classy. Not to make you look tall! Some people do wear them, if they have a height problem, but mainly they’re for dressing up and looking good!

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it depends on who your with, if your date is 6’6” go ahead, if hes 5’6” leave them at home.
Not on a date, do what you want to do, it is no one else’s business

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@Ayesha I always say that the heels are just for the look but some of the guys joke around about me being taller than all of them

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I say somtimes you feel akward being the tallest person in the room. But what matters is you. If you like wear high heels go for it :)

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@Eby109 I agree with you that heels are what looks good, no matter how tall you are. I’m only 5’6” but every woman I’ve been with has been 5’7” or taller. Now none of them have worn high heels (only one to two inch heels), but if they did, I wouldn’t care. I love the way a woman’s leg looks in heels. It is very sexy. It makes her proportions look nicer, as far as I’m concerned. I like long legs—although women who are tall tend to have long legs already.

I also like strong thighs, but that’s a different story. I could write a paeon to the curve of the calf, but I digress.

Anyway, I don’t mind how much taller a woman is than I am. I don’t think women who are tall are weird looking. I rather like them. I married one. I do admit that it might have some day been nice to be with a smaller woman, but that just wasn’t in the cards. I say if you like the way you look that way, then do it. There will be people who find it attractive. Why should you care about the ones who don’t like it?

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Strut it girl! I have a friend who is beautiful 6 foot tall and LOVES to wear heels, even with jeans. If you do it with confidence it looks great. Some girls might be jealous and some men might be intimidated, but the kind of guys that are NEED a little intimidation. Go for it.

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Screw it, if you look and feel good in them go for it.

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Well said.

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I forgot my manners. Welcome to fluther.

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5’ 7” isn’t all that tall. I’m 5 8. My sister is 5 11. When we used to get together, in high heels, short dresses and black panty hose, we stopped a room! No one ever said I was too tall to wear heels. Or my sister either.

Welcome to Fluther!

@Adirondackwannabe Youse always forgettin’ yer manners! : )

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@Dutchess_III I’m a little slow at times, but I get there eventually. Please, pics of you and your sister in the short skirts and heels!

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Ah ga! That would have been in pre-digital ages! I have some pics of me scanned, but they don’t show legs. : ( Sowwy!

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I say rock ‘em all day long.
I personally never wear heels to make me more tall,
but beacause I like the shoe.

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I’m about 6 ft 3 in my highest heels… I get called every *obvious name you can imagine…

Do I care? Nope! I have legs for days and why not accentuate them?

I LOVE my shoes and I will wear them until I can’t walk.

*Or they start to look dumb, either one.

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@Dutchess_III YOU GO GIRL! Swizzle and Quake!

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Hun I am 5’11 and most of the killer heels I wear when I go out are about 5’. I will never, not for anyone (including my SO who is only 5’6 and says we look ridiculous, but he loves the attention he gets from his friends because of my height) ever give up my heels. They make me taller, I feel sexy as hell in them and I get so much attention.
One more point, supermodels are not small people, and they are beautiful some of them….if they can do it, why can’t we!!!

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@BeccaBoo Always Always maintain your very beautiful attitude!

I ♥ it!

Be beautiful, be strong, be proud always!

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@GabrielsLamb Absolutely… way never should we feel we are in anyway too tall, fat or old to wear a pair of beautiful shoes, no matter how long the spike is!!! We were born to love shoes and bags… and the little people just have to accept that!

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@GabrielsLamb I have a name for you: Statuesque. Don’t ever let anyone put you down for being tall. If they’re too small minded they’re not worth your time.

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@GabrielsLamb You and I would look awesome together on a night out!!! Similar heights..!!!

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Wear what you like. A guy who likes you is going to like you whether you’re taller or shorter and the successful shorter than 6ft men I’ve ever known, they don’t women towering over them!

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I agree that 5 foot 7 isn’t very tall..

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I lived with a man for near a decade who was 5’2” and so was his twin brother. They had women after them all the time! Tall women who wore heels. The more of the their less than 6ft friends/relatives I met, the more I realized most didn’t have the typical “short man” mentality.

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I say screw it. If they are great heels and stylish who cares? I’m 6 ft and I wear 2 inch black heels. Any bigger than that hurts my feet.

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I’ve heard people say that but I think it’s crap.
I’m pretty short myself but I think when a tall girl wears heels it just shows that they’re confident with their height. There was a tall girl I used to see all the time around school – very tall – and she always wore really high heels and walked very well in them. I thought she was so cool. Why deny yourself a pair of shoes you like?

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Tall girls should wear whatever they like!

The majority of people don’t give a damn.

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Nobody should wear them. God, they’re so bad for your feet, legs, and back.

But I guess that essentially, there’s no reason why shorter people have more of a right than shorter people to destroy their bodies.

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No (girls) women should wear them. They are harmful to your health.

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That’s farcical. Wear what you like and more importantly, embrace your height :)

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Yep @YARNLADY and @incendiary_dan. That’s why they haven’t been worn to work since the 60’s. Talk about jacking your ankles up. But one night out won’t hurt you!

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No weirder than they would on anyone else. If you like ‘em, wear ‘em!

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