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Does anybody know anything on the new iPhone 4s in terms of how long does the battery last, start up time, etc?

Asked by carinstander (6points) October 7th, 2011

I am deciding whether I should buy an iPhone 4s or Blackberry Storm, the Storm I know have problems ie, the battery life not more than 5 hours if you are busy and the start up time takes quite a while, sometimes up to 10min…. How is the iPhone 4s comparing?

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You can’t even get one until October 14th, so if you’re looking for personal experience, you’ll have to wait a few weeks. Otherwise, Apple claims these specs for the iPhone 4S. You can see the specifics regarding how they got the battery life numbers here.

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With the new A5 processor, the battery life should improve from previous versions, which are quite good compared to say Android phones. That’s all I can say with any certainty.

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I bought the 4s at a ridiculous price and I can tell you, if I knew about it what I know now, I’d stick with the iphone 4. The battery life is absolutely terrible on it.

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