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When will Congress redraw the district lines?

Asked by Kato (443points) October 7th, 2011

A friend of mine is considering running as a representative but wants to wait until the lines are redrawn by congress. I know that is supposed to happen soon, but I don’t know when. He wants my help in the campaign but I want to budget my time wisely!

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It is up to each state to redraw their districts. It is supposed to happen before the first federal election after the census is taken.

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All politics is timing. You should dedicate your mind first, are you 100% with your position? If so, then help along I say.

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They should be finished redistricting by the end of this year, because primaries need to be run, and there are filing deadlines ahead of that primary. You can call your Secretary of State’s office in your state to find out when the redistricting will be final.

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Here is a good place to start looking for your state and district. Alternatively, you can google the term ”congressional redistricting” and find the same and many more links to describe the process (when it applies: some states don’t warrant redistricting, since they already only send a single Representative to Washington) and news on progress.

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