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Face to face with an alien: What do you do?

Asked by digitalimpression (9910points) October 7th, 2011

Suppose you are going about your normal every day routine and you stumble upon and consequently confront an alien being. They look incredibly hostile because they are an unknown.. however they are just staring right back at you. There is a moment in time where you must decide your course of action. What do you do?

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I would attempt friendly dialogue.

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Shit my pants, cry like a girl & run like a constipated penguin, in that order.

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Consult with Symbeline, she will know what to do.

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I would ask what their @Name was

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“They look incredibly hostile because they are an unknown” ...

What if the alien were a bacterium or a virus? You may already be facing them every day. Though some of these things are “known” to you, and have the most benign “look” you can imagine (bacteria in particular; they won’t make faces at you no matter what you try to do to them), any “hostility” in this case would be a projection of your own attitude toward the unknown thing.

If I met a dolphin while swimming – which species, except for television and movies is “unknown” to me – I think I would be intimidated by its power and familiarity with that environment in a way that I can never be, but I don’t think I’d feel that it was “hostile”. Same with any other fish. Even a shark that had clear designs on my leg – or even a taste of it – could not be considered “hostile”. It would only be attempting to satisfy its hunger and curiosity.

I recommend that you not apply for the position of human ambassador to alien races. Please.

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@CWOTUS No idea what you’re going on about. I was merely painting a situation, not making any bold claims about what an alien is actually like.

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Attempt at communication, discover what it wants, if possible. Keep my guard up, in case its intent is hostile. Fuck it up if it jumps me or tries to rape my brain with psionic powers, if I’m able. Try to help it, if that’s what it needs, and if I can help it.
Urge him to get back home, before we do to him what we did to Jesus.

I’d prolly just piss myself though.

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All I can picture is a frightening pause and deathly silence followed by the alien saying in a conversational tone “So.. whatcha doin there? Fluther eh? Nice.”

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I will try to understand them before making judgement.

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This happens to me several times a day. I live in Glasgow.

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