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What are child pageant participants judged on?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) October 7th, 2011

I was watching clips from Toddlers & Tiaras and it was all a bunch of babies in make up that made them look ugly, doing things that don’t suit them. I mean everything that they were wearing and doing was looking awkward. So I was wondering what in the world is the criteria for these child pageant queens?

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They tell you in each episode. Something about a smile and ‘the look’, etc. It’s about a specific look and a ‘personality’. It’s arbitrary in a somewhat organized fashion and problematic in every way.

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By their “beauty”. Which is stupid; toddlers aren’t supposed to be “beautiful”, they’re supposed to be cute or adorable.

To make them beautiful, the kids are waxed, buffed, tweezed, botoxed, and made to look as fake as possible. It’s all about how much makeup they’re wearing, how big their hair is, the “sparklyness” of the adult-style clothes they wear, how white their teeth are, and so on…

Some of them even wear padded bras to make their “boobs” look bigger. It’s fucking ridiculous. These pageant moms are almost condoning attraction to children by dressing their innocent little darlings up to look like hookers. I’d like to bitchslap every single one of them and show them photographs of little girls who have been raped or murdered by child molesters.

In as brief a summary as possible, they are judged on how fucking grown-up and “sexy” they look.

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This thing just confuses me. I watched an episode of this horrendous show and it’s so obvious that the children have make up on enough to make them look plastic, their hair pieces are over the top and ridiculous. Their mannerisms and stupid routines are faked and you can see the confusion in their eyes.What is so impressive about any of that. It just angers me so much. This question was more of a rant… GRRR.

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Their stage presence. They get up there, smile, perform. It seems to me the judges want to determine how well these girls do in front of people. Beauty is part of it also of course. But, they are so young, they are all cute. I have only seen Toddlers in Tiaras 3 or 4 times (it is stunning to me I have watched it at all) and some of the girls seem natural on stage, and some don’t. Or, sometimes one has a bad day, is tired, or doesn’t do her routine well, etc.

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@WillWorkForChocolate What you said.

I agree. And this is a touchy subject so it’s best I not start roaring about it.

*Children getting spray tanned in an auto garage, while they are obviously not happy about it, as their so called *mother insists that she “Loves it” as she screams her head off and says “No, It’s too cold.”

Makes me fuc*king sick.

What are they judged on? Nothing I want to know anything at all about and thank God I have boys!

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@GabrielsLamb I think there are boys sometimes in the competition too. Not all the kids are upset, some of them do want to do it. I hate for any child to be forced, I agree, but they are not all forced.

I don’t like the whole make-up and fake hair deal, don’t get me wrong. I wish the competitions were just talent oriented.

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@JLeslie I don’t watch, I noticed it in passing once or twice, if there are boys, I am less interested than I wasn’t before to begin with.

It all just get’s to me.

*I like Bridezillas… Which is probably how they start out in life come to think of it?

Baby bridezillas to be?

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To me its not about being forced into it. Children will like doing a lot of things but hate doing the preparation for it. I don’t mind cutest-baby contests either. Those are fine.

But what are these kids doing imitating older girls. They put LIPSTICK onto 3 year olds. Can’t you just judge them as a baby.

I find these mothers really hypocritical, saying it’s for the pleasure of my children and they love being on stage and all. Why, then, do you put them in ridiculously risque outfits and make up? Let them wear a bloody frock/shorts on stage without make up.

I always see it as a mother’s pride thing. Like the kids are dogs in a dog show and the winning kid brings a status to their mother. ICK!

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