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How can i relate Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin to cloning?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) May 10th, 2008

I have to write a 5 page paper for biology. I need my first draft by tuesday and i only have one page, bearly .My topic I am writing on is cloning. The first paragraph is basically what cloning is and some examples of plants and animals that can clone themselves. The 2nd is soppose to be the history of cloneing. I have an outline:
I. What is a clone
A. A clone is a member of a population of genetically identical organisms produced from a single cell.

II. History of cloning
A. Gregor Mendel
1. Carried out simple experiments looking for hereditary patterns
2. Used peas and worked out the ground rules of heredity.
B. Charles Darwin
1. Pondered the huge complexities and confusions of heredity.
2. Mendel’s ideas of heredity with Darwin’s concept of evolution we have two thirds of the basic theory of all modern biology.
C. First cells cloned
D. First animal cloned

III. Current state
A. Animals being cloned today
B. Plants being cloned

IV. Future uses
A. Will humans ever be cloned?

V. Ethics
A. If humans are ever cloned, will they be discriminated against?
B. Should we even attempt to clone humans?
C. If we clone the elite humans, will they take over the world?
D. Would they be considered different then natural born humans?
1. If so where would they fit in our classification of animals that we have today?

So any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks

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sorry for the spelling errors but i was rushing, and im not the best speller.

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think you’re a bit out of line there.

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that was an asshole/smartass thing to say reed.

Well.. If it makes you feel better I’ve got a biology final I need to ace, and havent picked up my book at all. Just sit down, write the paper and don’t stop till you’re Done. Being here on fluther wont help too much. Good luck.

Edit: outline is a good start,

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FIRE-MAN; that is a huge outline of details to cover in 5 pages. Should you not simplify?“Darwin
1. Pondered the huge complexities and confusions of heredity.
2. Mendel’s ideas of heredity with Darwin’s concept of evolution we have two thirds of the basic theory of all modern biology.

The issue alone of ethics would take several volumes. Good luck

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Mendel and Darwin studied inherited genetic traits, Mendel through the study of patterns of inheritance and Darwin through evolution via natural selection. As far as linking them to the cloning process I cannot recall any studies either did that would have been directly involved with cloning. Perhaps others here might might be more aware of a closer link.

So for your paper I think possibly that the work both did could be a launching point to explain how cloning circumvents both natural evolution and Mendel’s inheritance studies. Cloning does this by repeating traits using the same genetic DNA without influence by either nature or natural breeding with more than one genetic source.

Others may have a better answer for you.

I agree with gailcalled that your outline covers enough material for far more than 5 pages.

By the way- fascinating subject matter!

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Can you clarify something for me first? Was your project specifically about connecting Mendell and Darwin to cloning, or was that your idea for the cloning paper? Mendell, as the father of modern genetics I can see, but Darwin as the founder of evolutionary theory is a bit of a stretch. You’d have better luck connecting 1) Mendell with 2) Avery and Mcleod (discoverers of DNA) then 3) Watson/Crick.

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Unless Chuck Darwin and Mendel are specifically part of the assignment, I see no reason to discuss them at all. Their work is not directly related to cloning.

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no I do not have to use Darwin and Mendell, but it was the first thing I thought of and it took up space.

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When writing a paper, “taking up space” as a technique becomes very transparent when you cannot link the topics together. So, definitely leave out Darwin. As great a scientist as he was, it will be difficult to link his evolutionary theory directly to cloning.

If you want to include science background, then I suggest touching on Mendel (genetics)—> Avery/Mcleod & Hershey/Chase (DNA as the genetic material)—> Watson/Crick (Central Dogma) —> Cohen/Boyer (recombinant DNA).

In terms of the ethical consequences of cloning, you can also discuss the issues that arose with the advent of in vitro fertilization nearly 30 years ago. At the time, there was as much debate over the legitimacy of IVF as there is about cloning today. Good luck.

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Agreeing with shilolo about leaving out Darwin however I cannot resist dwelling on one more question on your outline. I do not think you need it in your report but wanted to play with the subject:

C. If we clone the elite humans, will they take over the world?

Using Darwin’s studies- a race of cloned humans would not have would not have the ability to adapt to an ever changing environment and would be more vulnerable to early extinction than species with variable genetic traits.

One might also surmise that a race of cloned humans would all have the same physical traits strengths/weaknesses. Thus finding the weakness of the race could make them rather easy to defeat before they could overthrow the earth.

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haha i know, I forgot to take that out but thanks. I just put that in there becuse i had to turn in a one page outline and i was about 3/4 done.

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“do your own homework” as some have put it

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I have to right a paper for school on how Darwin had a impact on society, I a in 7 th grade. It is hard, for I don’t believe in Darwinism or evolution, so the only help I can give is, ‘Google it’

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