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The court of appeals ordered the defendant to pay our fees. How do we go about getting them?

Asked by superjuicebox (383points) October 7th, 2011

Recently we won a case in California Appellate court. The court ordered the defendant (a city) to pay all of our attorney’s fees and costs. Does anyone know how we go about retrieving this ?

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Your attorney will know.

If you’ve severed your relationship with him for some reason (dump a winning attorney? probably not), then you should contact the Clerk of the Court to find out the procedure.

It may be as simple as finding the right department to invoice directly, or it may involve using the Court as an intermediary. But I don’t think that they’ll want to be in the middle unless some dispute lingers.

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I am the attorney’s assistant. We have never gone through this process and do not know lol thats why i’m asking on here ! :p I was just thinking of just sending the city’s financial department our gigantic bill >:] haha. I think i will go down to the California superior court and ask one of the clerks on the procedure first though just to make sure. Thanks though ;]

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Your laywer with talk to their lawyer.

Congratulations! Glad everything worked out in your favor…

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Thanks. It’s actually a civil rights case, so if you’re in California then it was for all of our benefit !

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I believe you’ll now need to go back to court and get a judgment against the defendant if he doesn’t pay in a reasonable time. Not paying a judgment is a criminal offense in many jurisdictions. And with the judgment in hand, you can then go to court yet again to get a lien against his property and attach his wages.

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@HungryGuy you got to pay attention to details of the post as well as follow-up responses…the defendant was a city government.

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@njnyjobs, hurray for your reminder. Much needed around here (and not by just one person).

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