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Is my teacher out of line?

Asked by cage (3114points) May 10th, 2008

Now firstly I would like to point out that me and my ICT teacher do not have a good relationship anyway. And I don’t want people going “you’re a spoilt brat” or something, but I just wanted other people’s opinions on this.

A while ago I was in class, my friends were swearing loudly and the teacher wasn’t doing anything at all, except occasionally quietly going
“can you not use that language please?”
they continued.
In frustration at the work I went
“Jesus Christ!”
Now I said that in a completely none-offensive way and quietly just to myself. But as my teacher heard it was me, she went
Loudly so that the rest of the class could hear.
This made me particularly angry, mainly because we don’t go to a religious school.
She is a christian fair enough, but I don’t think that should really come in to it. Especially since it’s not her who would be going to hell for it, it would be me.
Does anyone agree in that she should have definitely focussed more on the swearing rather than me?

I am an Agnostic atheist just for the record.

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Yeah, the swearing shouldve been recognized more than the “Jesus Christ” (and for the record I’m catholic and catch myself muttering “Jesus Christ” sometimes, too…) she just let her beliefs get in the way and she shouldn’t of, but she did. Don’t let it bother you too much.. People get that way sometimes, whether it be your beliefs or just having a bad day.

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It could have just been an accummulation and it just happened that your uttering was the last straw. Or she is just particularly sensitive about religion. In my opinion it wasn’t enough to kick someone out for, but it wasn’t my classroom.

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I mean, tbh, it’s not just this particular moment. She’s dreadful in all sorts of ways. Best example of how she’s bad at ICT is that she didn’t know what a memory card reader was. Now I don’t expect most people to know, but if you teach a subject that revolves around computers, then it does surprise me!
And like the other day, my friend was talking to me, so she punished me and sent me out, whilst my friend was going
It’s not just bad teaching, it’s a personal issue, it’s appalling.

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I think it was just a build up of emotion that got blown up when u said what u did. The swearing was the more heinous thing though. Don’t take it to heart.

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See, I’m a senior student at my college, so I know it’s not like I’m a bad kid!
Over the last two years I’ve had to take part in new-teacher interviews.
If I was to interview her, I would see straight away she clearly doesn’t
fit in with the ethos of the college. I guess another valid question is
how poor teacher’s like this can slip through into such a good college.

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yup Cage you’re right. For whatever reason your teacher has a personal problem with you. Unfortunately, she is in a position of power over you while your her student. It sucks & it’s not right but it is what it is. You need to play her game to get through the class with the best grade possible & move on. This probably isn’t the last time it will happen & you will encounter this in your professional life as well. If she gets really out of hand, you can go to her boss, but be prepared for a battle if you do that.

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If you can’t speak with her about this (on the side or during her office hours), then take the matter up with her department chair or with the dean of students/academic affairs. College instructors are also held to a code if conduct, as well as students.

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Just do your work, shut up, and when you finish school you can scream Jesus Christ
at her on the last day of school.

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@jade88: hah-just a note though-in most colleges, final grades are submitted after the last class meeting…but you could do it after your diploma is in hand, if you felt so inclined.

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If she kicked you out of the class for it, then that would be an issue. It is definitely a little unfair that this annoyed her more than the other swearing.

I think you have to not let it bother you, besides, a few more weeks and you’re free. :)

Also, you are either agnostic or an atheist, but not both!

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It couldn’t hurt to ask her about it. There’s always the possibility that she sees you as a central point of the trouble in her classroom, even if you’re not the loudest, and throwing you out is her way of weeding out the root cause.
My approach tends to be the opposite; win over the initiator, make them an ally, so why not give her a chance to do that with you.

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well no, I’m atheist because I believe there is no god and believe in the scientific origins of life, however the agnostic approach is simply because I am open to accept other people’s beliefs and I have my own theories which may go against some scientific “facts” :)

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You need to think more quickly. You should have replied, “But you didn’t hear the rest, ‘please let their tongues dry out, shrivel up and fall off so that I can get my work done.’”

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Try talking to your teacher about this.

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Let it go and move on. It would be pretty hard at this point to turn this teacher around. You are right in principle, and knowing that can be enough for you. Once you have finished school, you have a lot more flexibility to pick who you are around all the time. As to how someone less competent or even not competent got to be in charge, welcome to the world. It won’t be your last encounter with that phenomenon.

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Simple. Keep contemporaneous notes. Write down dates and times and to the best of your ability, calmly and clearly, state what happened. Accumulate this file. At the end of the class, or when you have, say 20 items, give a copy to the Dean, Provost and President of the College. If this is a state funded school, send copies to the highest administrator in the state gov’t who is responsible for higher education. Higher a lawyer. Sue their collective pants off for harassment. Retire early.

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Tell her she just didn’t hear the rest of your prayer “Jesus Christ…... please forgive these students for they know not what they do with their sinful tongues.”

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You’re not agnostic. Someone else’s beliefs are someone else’s. Your beliefs are yours.

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An atheist say’s “there is no God”. An agnostic say’s “I don’t know if there is a God”.

Shoot, I don’t know 100% of everything that goes on in my house, let alone the block, city, state, country, world or universe.

I guess the question is can you unequivocally state “there is no God”?

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So what do you get when you cross an agnostic, a dyslexic and an insomniac?

A person who stays up all night wondering if there really is a dog.

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I think that there may be more to you and your teacher than what you’re saying. Not that something inappropriate was going on, just that maybe you pissed her off somehow before. Perhaps you talk to her with an attitude. I don’t know, we only have your side of the story. Though if it is the way you say you should probably ask her about it. She might suprise you with being open to discuss the matter.

I am not a religious person but I do recognize the fact that those who are religious are pretty sensitive about it. As they are required not to teach their religion to you the least you can do is not say things that they might take as an offense to their religion. You might not have known she was religious before, but you certainly do now my friend.

As others have pointed out you are atheist or agnostic… not both.

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The main response I’m getting here is talking to her.
Trust me guys, I’ve tried that, but it results in me being sent out, or to her bosses office.
Who goes
“OK, what have you done?”
I explain, he goes
“Okay, see you later mate”

and ok, if I was pushed, I’m gonna say I’m athesit. Hope that makes you all happier.

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Okay, well mate.. You’ve done all you could do then if you already conversed with her… Guess you have to ignore it and go on with life!!!!

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lol, yes atheist, sorry. (I was on IE and when I’m typing fast my spelling is usually crap, so I use safari to make me check myself)

Anyway, yes thanks guys, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t me who was being a prick and taking it the wrong way.

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It really isn’t you, some teachers are just like that. Although they are supposed to treat all students equally, it’s not going to happen until we’re taught entirely by robots..

It’s like deducing that because all news reporting is supposed to be fair and balanced, it actually will be.

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You can’t expect a teacher (or anyone else for that matter) to be equally offended by vulgar language and using the name of their god casually. I understand that to you they very similar, but that is subjective. Her reaction was to let you and others know that what you said was not just innapproprite, but also personally offensive. She is entirely within her rights to do that, both as an employee and as a human. Would you like to work in an environment where others were free to deride or casually dismiss your beliefs? Had she actually punished rather than warned, you might have an argument.

FYI-look up agnostic and atheist. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you can’t claim to be both at the same time. An atheist does not belief in high power. An agnostic is essentially undecided.

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