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If for some weird reason your username on this site would officially become your real name, what would that change in your life?

Asked by Berserker (33396points) October 7th, 2011

Some unknown force, or a very powerful sorcerer or something like that pops up, and declares that your Fluther username is now your official real name. At your work, place of study, on your identification cards and all that…even your family and friends would call you that, as if that had always been your name. They would have no recollection of your actual name; nobody would.
Of course, some usernames would raise eyebrows, since many aren’t actually names. But remember, this would be as if it had always been.
What kinda messed up stories would your parents have to tell you about why they named you what they did? (based on how you know them, just imagine if they actually did name you what your username is) How would your name affect your life? Would it, even? Could you get a job? Would you get laughed at? Would it be epic as all hell?

Merely a fun and silly question I just thought of, which might not be all that fun, and mostly just retarded, really. So, life as your Fluther username; how would that go?

(I apologize to the people who may have used their actual names as usernames, but feel free to join in too, if you got something to share :) )

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I actually like my user name better than my real name. I really like being lillycoyote; I like being Lilly. Maybe I would be happier. Probably happier that projectilevomit. She hasn’t been around much but I think it would be less life changing for me than for her.

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Probably. Vomit is always a cool word though. So is coyote. :)

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It would be hard to get used to people calling me John.

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@Symbeline I really like most people’s user names. As people, as children of our parents, we didn’t get to name ourselves. We’re kind of stuck with our legal names unless we choose to change them. With user names we get the opportunity to name ourselves.

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@lillycoyote Yeah. It does feel pretty cool. :)
I still wished I would have used Xena as a username when I joined on here. :D

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Can you pronounce my username?


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Inverted Triforce.

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I would embrace it.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard What if everyone would always call you Fiddy? :D I’d call you Bastard, but in a good way and nothing else. :)

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This one is kinda cute.

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@zensky Your next one should be Zensation. :D

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@zensky Yes, it is. I love zensky!

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Maybe I should change mine to Zenbeline.

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And I’m going to change my name to zennycoyote!

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We’re in chat. Join us?

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@zensky It’s not that I wouldn’t love to join you guys in chat, it’s just that I don’t really like chat; I’m just not any good at it, and believe it or not, I don’t always have something to say.

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I could live with “Woody”, the whole thing would probably have gotten my ass kicked alot as a kid.

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@zensky And I’m going to bed. Later yallz. :)

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I could totally deal with my new name. At this point, I’d answer to “Auggie” in the real world just as quickly as I do to my real name, Lisa. Auggie is much cooler, anyway.

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I answered to “Jerv” when I was in the Navy, and a few of my civilian friends also call me that, so it wouldn’t make much difference to me.

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I think I’d get a lot of phone calls from people wanting to order flowers.
Glad my user name isn’t FreeTaxiForDrunks.

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I use this name for many different activities. Some people who call me Yarnlady don’t even know my real name.

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I would wear my love like heaven.

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Well some lovely Jellies helped me pick this name, so I would be quite happy with it. I don’t mind it at all! And Bella is the shortened form of the Spanish version of my real name so it’s all fine!

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People would probably assume one of two things:
A) That I’m a dentist or
B) That I would bite them.

The correct answer is B

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I’d be perfectly fine with it. :) I like my username.

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@KateTheGreat and a wonderful username it is too :)
As for me, I think it’s safe to say I’d venture into flake territory.

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@stardust Why thank you, darling!

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Until I read the details of the question, I thought you were asking what would happen if, in place of your user name, your real name accompanied all your posts and questions. Clearly, upon re-reading, that is not what you asked, but that is what I was prepared to answer . . . Gratefully, as I avoid most NSFW questions, I would fare ok. As for being called Kayak8 in the real world, it isn’t too far from real, so I would fare ok with an accurate reading of the question as well . . . (God, age and lack of sleep can really affect a person!).

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I think I would probably be teased for not actually living near the sea and not knowing how to sail a boat…

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Could I just have it shortened to Lainey? If so it wouldn’t change anything since that’s what I’m called now even though it’s not my real name. Even if it was laineybug not much would change, I have a friend that calls me that sometimes.

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There might be some people who’d call me Briannineteenfortysix, but I’d beg them to feel free to drop the birth-year suffix.

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Considering my real name is Ash-Leigh… I’d lose my hyphen, and people would stop asking questions about why it’s there. Haha.

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Well, as it so happens…this did happen to me, to some extent. This username of Simone_De_Beauvoir was my username on, the q and a (now defunct) website I was on before Fluther. I chose it after the famous social theorist and feminist, obviously, because her ideas and mine meshed quite well. My partner (who at the beginning of our time on wasn’t yet mine eventually chose JeanPaulSartre when we were beginning to be romantically involved since Sartre’s relationship with De Beauvoir closely mirrors our own, to a degree. It was cheesy and it worked.

Somewhere within those years, I began to question my gender identity and eventually came to realize I was gender non-conforming. I also attended my first Trans Health Conference in Philly where people’s name changes really spoke to me and I realized I was no longer the person with the name I had before. Around that time I came to Fluther and kept my name but it was now also a name I identified with so much more because I had many friends call me Simone in real life, on the internet or in general, when we’d meet because it was fitting. After that first Trans Health Conference, I decided to change my name completely as well as be more open and vocal about my gender identity struggle and as I thought about (with my partner and best friend there to help me) what my new name would be, Simone was the only name that made sense. I gave myself some time to try it out, I changed it on FB and with close friends. For over a year, it worked and 2 months ago, I made it official. Thus, my first name is now Simone because of my username on and on Fluther and because the kind of person I became through both of these sites was Simone and it fits.

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OMG OMG. I’d be so proud of it :D

A few years ago I was thinking about changing my name. Never thought of using this one. Thinking of it now I sorta like it ^^

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I’d sound a bit too cutsie for my age, but I’d answer to it.

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I’d probably feel obliged to change professions, optician being one viable alternative.

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I’d have to get used to hearing spyke more and I would work as a drag king…that’s about it. Spyke-Nij.

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@KateTheGreat‘s username is how I actually address her in real life.

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Nothing much would change, I’d just feel a little odd having a first name with a last initial tied onto it.

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@ucme You could become an Avatar. Someone says “ucme?” and you say “I see you”.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Hahahaha! Indeed you do. It’s cute.

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I would’ve love my new name if that were to happen. Imo, It adds character. But I still would prefer my real name anyways…

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Unfortunately, a lot of people would think that I’m cuddly and adorable. Not so, my friends, not so. I’m pleasant, but certainly not cuddly.

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Nothing would change, except that I would be one syllable shy of my real name.

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It wouldn’t be that life-altering.

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@bob_ Prolly not. XD

@Simone_De_Beauvoir Damn, that’s quite a story right there. It’s pretty awesome.

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I wouldn’t like it.

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Nothing would change. My username suits me at times, and when it doesn’t people would just be confused which is fine with me.

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It would be very weird, but not nearly as weird as what would happen if my real body got replaced with my avatar.

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Well, since my user name is the name of the town I live near, it would be kinda weird..introducing myself as Coloma of Coloma. lol

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@Coloma And possibly over the top weird if you were bald and wearing that plastic duck nose at the time. :-)

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Yes, well, there are some local “characters” in my little community, I blend in well. LOL

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Actually, I should clarify.
TECHNICALLY I live live in Lotus, we all say Coloma to strangers, because Coloma is a famous historic town and Lotus is not. haha
Although they are literally blended together by about ¼ mile. are you following?
HOWEVER, my zip code and mail service actually comes out of another town, because…well, it’s the hills, the demarcation lines are essentially senseless. ;-D

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@Coloma I get it. I have a friend who lives not just in the middle of nowhere, in southern Indiana, actually she lives where the middle of nowhere goes to get away from it all, and I went out to visit her and set my GPS for the town she kind of says she lives in rather than her address because I just took off, without thinking and setting my GPS just to that little town, which isn’t much to begin with, took me about 45 minutes to an hour out my way. I’d never been out to visit her and she kept telling me she really, really lived in the middle of nowhere. I guess I didn’t really get what that meant. It was really kind of spooky. I had been using a GPS app on my iPad instead of my regular GPS unit, because I could use the GPS on it and it would cut into my music or audio book to give me directions, then I got close to her house, out there in Nowhereville, and it suddenly got really, really foggy and then I lost the AT&T signal on my iPad… it was very Twilight Zone. I did find the place though. I have my cell through Verizon and they had a signal out there and I was able to call her.

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@lillycoyote , yes, I defy GPS too. haha

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I wouldn’t like it very much, but I guess it could be worse.
Imagine if you were that projectilevomit one.

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I wouldn’t mind. It suits me well.

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I am pretty sure I would have a problem. I don’t think people would take me too seriously if I told them my name is “AnonymousGirl” in real life. They’d probably beg me to tell them what my real name is a whole lot more than I’m used to being begged to tell online. If only there was a cool ”Who’s on First?” joke for an AnonymousGirl… :)

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Actually it would be badass. I could have everyone call me “X”


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