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Should we increase the line height on topic posts?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) October 8th, 2011

I’m finding it slightly difficult to read the posts. I think a slight adjustment of a couple pixels and a slight increase in contrast could help readability. This article, for example, is very easy to read:

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We can discuss it, but since no one is actively working on developing the site at this point, it probably won’t be implemented.

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Most browsers do let you increase font size and/or override the font size used by the site you’re viewing. Some will even let you change background and font color to those of your choosing, making your favorite sites look completely different. You just need to search for how to do it in your browser Options of Preferences.

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@HungryGuy not all know those things. But I do agree to @silverfly ‘s idea .

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Remember the story of The Little Red Hen.

Are you willing to volunteer to do the work, for free? Any hands in the iar?

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Get stronger glasses. Worked for me.

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You could get Stylish if you use firefox and edit the CSS yourself. Here is a hint of how to do it.

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Wouldn’t adjusting your computer screen settings be quicker/easier?

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Yes, this sounds feasable. Please use the contact button to submit your suggestion to the admin and ask them to click on the “increase size” button.

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@gailcalled I can do the work for free… it wouldn’t even take that long:

.topic-text p { line-height: 13px; color: #000;}

* Not that I’m suggesting we change it to those exact rules, but that’s how easy it is. Is there someone I should contact for this?

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At far right of orange bar at the top of the page, hit “contact” to contact the site manager.

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Just use “Zoom” to zoom in on the text (increase text size). That should help.

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Or, on a Mac, “command +”. I can now read this size from across the room (without my glasses).

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Yes, but the question is: do you also have a mouse that works from across the room :D

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I understand that I can adjust settings on my browser to make the font bigger. I can read the text just fine; I just thought it could use slightly better readability for everyone by default.

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Unfortunately there is no “everyone” default. That’s why the command + and command – features are so nice (and easy). Think of the infinite variety of corrections for glasses (and in each eye, too.)

@Buttonstc: Milo is considering trying to housebreak and train a mouse, but he really feels he will not be able to control his atavistic impulses.

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Good one!


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@Buttonstc: MIlo here; Remember that I am the resident (Pulizer-winning) ghost writer.

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So, you have a Pullet Surprise.
Good for you.

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@Buttonstc: He’d type his own “thank-you” but his nail polish is still wet (and I do see cucumber slices over each eye).

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I wouldn’t favor any tinkering with site design at this stage. The minute a change such as this was implemented, there would be a chorus of howls from people who don’t want to see an increase in size cause a reduction in how much is displayed onscreen. “Hasn’t it been fine for (nearly*) five years?” they would ask, and rightly so. And then “What about my change? Won’t you fix a, b, and c to suit me?” I have seen a lot of complaints and suggestions in my three years, but text size has seldom or never come up.

So as long as there’s no site development going on, just as @janbb says, it’s pretty academic. But even if there were, my bet is that a change would trigger a protest and then a change back. So let’s just pretend that’s already happened and now we’re back.

Besides, every time you open the box, you risk breaking something. Right now everything’s working. I vote we leave it that way.

*Question number 1 has a posting date of October 16, 2006.

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I just liked the implied ownership of the question. Regardless of how much people like to think of Fluther as ‘home’, it ain’t ours. We’re all just visitors here.

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^^ No squatters’ rights or eminent domain?

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Occupy Fluther!

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@CWOTUS We already do.

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