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How come accountability with minors only happens by way of violence?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) October 8th, 2011

It seems rather disingenuous to me that a young man such as Brandon McInerney would be seen as culpable and responsible enough to be tried as an adult because he shoots and kills someone under the age of 18, but not if he has sex under 18 with anyone consensually; especially if his partner can be held accountable when he equally consented (be it seen as legal or not). If he ended up in the bed of his over 18 female math teacher only she would be the one seen as culpable. If he can be seen as too ignorant or stupid to agree to be there with her because he is under 18yr. how does he become more intelligent or able just because he uses a gun that somehow ends with a death? Why it is that violence will get a minor seen as culpable when they can actually be just as able, and capable in deciding with whom they have sex? Some will try to cleave the fact one act harmed no one, (or him in some way) so he can’t be culpable, or that there was harm to another but, the principal is still untouched; that is still not enough change if one truly understands the gravity of their actions.

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In the sex case she will be the one held accountable because it’s the way we see things .. we think she’s the one that seduced him.
It does not really respond your question but when one decides to use a gun for a robbery or to kill someone else he thinks that. When it’s about sex the younger party might not what he does until the deed is already done.

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You know what? Everyone knows what right and wrong are. Even children for the most part understand right and wrong. Laws are developed not becauseof right or wrong itself but because there has to be dividing lines between the conditions that keep and maintain order in society and those that do not because a population is too large and too diverse to just be able or allowed to leave the policing to anyone’s so called “better judgement”

That being said however, apart and aside from laws which everybody knows are broken every single day by those who manage to somehow become elevated for some reason above them. When people get away with this or that because they are in some way exceptional…

Gay, smart, pretty, rich… Those laws as observed by regular old people who are held tight to them and they are rigidly enforced throughout the common man’s society, it tends to piss people off. That is why these news clips do NOT help the situation, and that is why I never watch the damn news.

Life is about making rules and watching some certain people get away with breaking them.
Michael jackson, OJ, Debra LaFey, Rich kids of rich people, famous people. Is it wrong? Yes… of course it is, but does society tun the other cheek and allow it… Yes they do, should that be the way we follow through with a system of justice? No, it’s not. WIll anything change? No it wont… So I ask you…Why bother discussing these things at all?

This child was obviously crazy. The other boy was defending himself yes… But there are LAWS about people SHOOTING other people. Murder, suicide, punishment to extremes that are not in anyone else’s place to decide for anyone else. But will that kid get off? Probably, because the other kid was Gay.

Accountability with MOST people only comes by way of violence… Because the laws are jacked, criminals get away with anything they want, because they can and the governing body and their laws only apply to some people some time and everyone else is thrown into a lump and asked to behave, but not punish.

When someone torments you, if you are weak, you lose it and you strike back. Its is simple human psychology.

But should this kid get away with it because he was sexually tormented? Nope…. He STILL took a gun and Killed another human being. The ONLY way you have a right to do that, and not even in all Sttes, is if you’re going to outshoot someone else shooting at you.

This boy’s life wasn’t threatened, he had no right. But he probably will get off on a lesser charge because the other boy was gay. WHen nobody but these two boys knows or understands exactly what transpired between them.

And the idiot crowd will stand by behind the scenes with all of their useless commentary and stupid opinions and discuss it for a week or a month TOPS and then when it’s over, everyone will go back to not giving a sh*t.

So why even bother being curious about these particular types of things when especially in the event of televising court proceedings… The Legal system has become nothing more than a running man side show and a damn joke.

Seriously who cares… Cut to the chase 3 months later… who cares about the Casey Anthony case now?

No one. And that crazy Bitch is free as a bird.

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The most intelligent and evolved human minds in creation at one time… Many of the Greek philosophers, many of the romance era poets, some of our most gifted artists, some of the greatest minds in the history of the world… Were complete and total unabashed Sodomites and murderers. Everyone KNOWS it, but no one tends to dwell there.

Because laws for some, are made to be broken, and held up against some as examples that serve to remind us how they still DO something, effect something, maintain some semblance of order, even when mostly everyone understands that the human being is the single most unpredictible element in the facade of order that we maintain amid what is really just bullshit.

Does that make any of it right? Nope it absolutely doesn’t. But it is what it is… and like I like to say

Suck it up cupcake…and learn to swim.

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What is you evidence that your question is the only way it happens? Your details do not support your question, apparently a single occurrence.

There is preponderance of evidence to the contrary, where minors are protected to the extent of violating the parents rights. I suggest a question that is less broad would make a lot more sense.

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While I wouldn’t say it is the only way we hold minors accountable but I certainly agree with you on this one. We, as a society, understand that minors, children, do not have the judgement, or the emotional, psychological or cognitive maturity and development that adults do. We do not allow them to drive until 16 or later, they are not permitted to serve in the military until they are 17, and then with their parents permission, they are not allowed to vote or to enter into legally binding contracts or purchase cigarettes if they are not yet 18 and they are not permitted to drink or purchase alcohol legally until they are 21. We have these age limits on kids because we understand that that’s what they are, kids, maturing, yet still not adults. We have these laws in place in order to protect them from their own immaturity and bad judgement.

Yet it is increasingly more common, when children commit crimes, to hold them accountable to the same degree as adults, to try them as adults, or to arrest 8 year olds, even 3 year olds. and here. It’s really insanity. Here’s another case, that of Cristian Hernandez, who is twelve and charged with first degree murder. Thank god the prosecution seems to have come to it’s senses and is not going to seek life in prison for him.. I am not saying that children shouldn’t be held accountable for what they do, but they are children. If they are going to be held accountable as though they were adults, as though have the same judgement, maturity and cognitive abilities, the same impulse control, the same abilities to judge their actions and the consequences of those actions; as though they have the same capacities as adults, then they should have the same rights and privileges as adults. Why not let them vote and drive, and enter into contracts and serve in the military and drink? At the very least the right to vote. The state can deprive them of their liberty and yet they have no say in their own government, no voice.

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THat’s right on Lily… You said it best! You can’t pick and choose what is deemed acceptible and where lines are drawn, they are drawn for reasons.

Killing however is never a line that should ever be crossed. I think therefore the answer should be not concerning accountability after the fact but how about someone being proactive and concerned BEFORE things happen?

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@GabrielsLamb Yes, of course it is better to prevent these things, but in the case I mentioned, that of Cristian Hernandez this boy was failed from the moment his 12-year old mother gave birth to him to the day of the incident, the assault when she came home and found her baby, the two-year old unconscious and didn’t, apparently seek medical treatment for the child for over two hours. She tried to get counseling for her older son and was put on a waiting. It’s fine to say we should be proactive and concerned but we need to put our money where our mouth is; to adequately fund and staff our social services. We will pay on one end or the other. A child is dead and another one very troubled. I don’t think is says much for our society that we can’t or won’t help these children; that we let our children, children become monsters and then throw them in jail because we didn’t give a shit enough to help them. That’s wrong.

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@GabrielsLamb Life is about making rules and watching some certain people get away with breaking them. Michael jackson,[sic] OJ, Debra LaFey, Rich kids of rich people, famous people. Part of the law is that a person is innocent until proven guilty. The US Constitution alludes to such also. As much as those people seemed guilty, the state failed to prove it. They have succeeded to prove someone guilty many times, and were dead wrong. One such person they found guilty was James Bain, just one of many who had their freedom stolen from them, because they appeared like they were guilty.

But will that kid get off? Probably, because the other kid was Gay. IMO that would have been the fact that would assure he get convicted. These days people run so afraid to say anything negative of gays, they don’t for fear of being called a homophobe.

Because the laws are jacked, criminals get away with anything they want, because they can and the governing body and their laws only apply to some people some time and everyone else is thrown into a lump and asked to behave, but not punish. Unless some theft in the middle of the night, it doesn’t happen often around here. They either end up going to prison if they don’t get shot and killed by the cops first.

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