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Why is the mission control not working on my MacBook Air?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) October 8th, 2011

When I first got my MacBook I realized that you can take your three fingers (or maybe two?) and swipe towards the right and your Dashboard would slide over. Then I realized that you can press F3 (the mission control button), then add a new desktop, called desktop 2. It is kind of like adding a new page on the iPod touch while on safari. Once you had a new desktop on the MacBook, you could slide your fingers again and the new desktop would slide over.

I loved this function because I would have one desktop for personal stuff like facebook, tumblr, fluther etc. then the other desktop I would use for homework things. I really kept me on track with my priorities. Then all of a sudden, sliding my fingers wouldn’t make the dashboard pop up…. What happened? Can I somehow change this in preferences?

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Look for swipe settings, or touchpad or gestures of something like that, there should be settings you can easily change.

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Sounds like maybe a plist was damaged. This is kinda a messy to fix and I hesitate to answer how to fix unless you acknowledge that you are alright with some Dock/Finder setting being lost.

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@XOIIO There is no gesture settings for the mission control from what I see.

@johnpowell I am very new to Mac, this is my first one and I have only had it for about a month. If you make it easy enough to understand I can give it a go. I would really love to get this fixed..

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