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Are you afraid of gays or lesbians? If so how come?

Asked by dreamwolf (3158points) October 9th, 2011

Bad experience? Way you were raised?

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@ANef_is_Enuf I love your answer… LOL

And mine is the same… Why should I be?

I’m afraid of angry moose and pissed off charging rhino’s but luckily, I don’t think any of them are gay?

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Only if they’re scary.

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I don’t think people who are homophobic see it that way. They see it as standing their moral ground, or as being uncomfortable around them, same as how I’m uncomfortable when someone who’s too drunk to be driving is getting into their car and driving.

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It’s their snapping jaws and catching claws. You just can’t trust their frumious ways.

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Afraid? Of course not. That’s absurd.

Sociopaths, pathological liars, serial killers and those who torture animals. That’s the top of my hit parade for people I want to steer clear of.

Gay folks are just like all the rest of us. Trying to survive in an oft unwelcoming world and doing their best to deal with it. Unfortunately they get far more than their fair share of being bullied, taunted, and considered pariahs, and sometimes even killed by homophobes.

For the latest example, just in case you think I’m exaggerating about the “killed” part of my statement, just Google the name Larry Forbes King (NOT the talk-show host) a 15 yr. old kid. I guarantee it will be an eye opening experience for you.

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OMG Yes. Have you seen them with their two eyes, two ears, a nose and even a pair of arms and legs. Holy moly, keep me away from them thank you.

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Not all of the time, but there’s this one gay guy I know that I am terrified of appearing in public with. No matter what I do, he always looks so much better than me. I’ll put on a belt and feel all accessorized and trendy, but he’ll show up with an even cooler belt.

OK, maybe terrified is the wrong word.

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No. What am I to be afraid of exactly?

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Yep. And Jews too. Oh yeah. Air. I’m afraid of air – and water. Food too. Scary shit. Oh, and people with glasses. What’s up with that? They have like 4 eyes and shit.

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Only the ones that can’t take No for an answer……. otherwise No :-/

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I wasn’t until I saw this.

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Buahahaha a gem of a find @AstroChuck

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No. Not at all.

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Only the ones that try to kill me. Like if they say “Hi, I’m gay, but I’m about to rob you, soooo…....”

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I treat them all nicely. I get along well with Gay men. I am not afraid of them. Sometimes the women can be annoying. They act like Heterosexual men. They ignore the word NO!!!

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Yes, I am. All gays are sex-crazed and have AIDS and they’re trying to convert my children to their queerosexuality. The gay agenda is spreading; already kids are actually getting in trouble for bullying gay kids and some gays are even allowed to be married. It can only go downhill from here :(

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@AstroChuck Hystrerical. In the 50’s, it was considered not only a sickness, but a contagious one at that.

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Not really, no…unless they try to make a move on me.

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Well, what do you think women routinely are subjected to by heterosexual males refusing to take no for an answer? It cuts both ways.

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This is bringing back memories that time my friend and I went to a club on a Navy base. I never had my ass grabbed so often in one night. Those heterosexual men sure can be assholes who don’t take no for an answer, hit on you in the most obvious and disgusting way, and don’t even pretend to be interested in anything other than sex! Wow, sometimes I really miss college.

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Exactly but some gay women are like men and will not accept No. Others are bright and have become work friends. They are individuals like everyone else.

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So true. Persistently rude nitwits of any orientation are annoying to deal with. But the gay guys can end up dead. Kind of lessens the likelihood of them acting like boors, dontcha think. That’s a lot of risk to take just for a little bit of grabass.

Herero guys oft persist with impunity and have a cheering section to boot.

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No more than I’m afraid of heterosexual people. Why would I be?

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@dreamwolf Are you afraid of gay people?

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@Blackberry that’s the question of the hour!

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Who’s going to say yes to this on Fluther? They’ll be ‘persecuted for their beliefs, waaaaaaa’.

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Yeah, this Q would have to be asked on a site like SodaHead that’s full of conservative wing-nuts to get a “yes” to this question.

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People have admitted they believe marriage is only for a man and a woman. In my opinion, that’s the same thing lol.

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No. Being bi myself, gays and lesbians are completely natural to me. That’s not something I’d even ask myself, even if I thought about it lol.

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Absolutely terrified. I can be in a locked classroom (locked from the outside I might add,) by myself, with 10 convicted felons, all male, and not bat an eye. But homos scare the shit out of me.

@AstroChuck Was that movie for real? Or do you think it’s something they made recently, and made it to look like it was from the 50’s. I never saw anything like that in school! They showed that marijuana one (where it makes you jump out windows and stuff…LOL!) but I never saw anything like that.

If it is for real, it’s kind of odd that they didn’t address the horrifying dangers of lesbians.

Zen..It IS contagious. Remember when we found the gay virus on They had pictures if it and everything!

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That is absolutely HIL-ARIOUS!


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Heck no. But some homophobic straight people can be pretty scary sometimes…

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No. On the contrary I’m rather drawn to them as they tend to be very interesting.

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I’m not afraid of LGBT people as a group, no. I’m sure some individual gays are scary, and I met a scary lesbian one time, but that really has nothing to do with their sexuality.

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@tranquilsea…. Just curious. How are they more interesting than hetero people?

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@Dutchess_III from my experience they have just been through more than many hetero people. It gives them an interesting look on life. A look that I can sometimes share because of what I’ve been through.

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I am afraid of gays and lesbians who have been bitten by a zombie from the 38 days zombie movies…

Them fu*kers are FAST…

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They call me a homophobe for not thinking that homosexuality is OK (I put it in the same categories as alcoholism), but I am not actually afraid of homosexuals. Well, some of the really campy (I think that’s the right adjective) men tumble into the Uncanny Valley.

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@Nullo How is being a lesbian or a homosexual in the same category as being an alcoholic?

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@Nullo Well you know a phobia can mean different things…not just fear…I feel like it’s too late now and I’ve re-read too much of Weber’s PE to be on the topic of homophobia (though I am full on to discuss religion and capitalism) as clearly as I’d like right now but we’ve discussed earlier, perhaps, that it’s not the best term to describe that which you and many others feel but it’s certainly something to describe many other people’s ways of feelings towards queer people. You not thinking gay people are okay is a problem, maybe it’s a problem with a different name than homophobia and frankly, at the end of the day, I don’t care what you call it, it’s a problem. You don’t have to be afraid of me to think I’m wrong for being me and I don’t have to be afraid of you to think you’re wrong for being you.

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@Symbeline Do you really have the energy right now? Must not be 1: 30 am in the morning where you are, :)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir ’‘taps my cane on your chest’’ The fuck you gettin’ at?

Sorry lol. Just late night humour. Yeah, it’s that time here too. :D But nah, I don’t wanna debate nothing or tell people they’re wrong, I’m just really curious about what he said, and why/how.

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@Symbeline Listen, if you’re gonna tap your cane on my chest, we need to take it over to this q and give the nice Christian boy his rest.

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@Dutchess_III- Yes, it’s for real. It was made in the 50’s by the Inglewood Police Dept. and the Inglewood school district. This is the full “educational” short that clip came from.

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@AstroChuck I cant stop watching it.

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@AstroChuck “You don’t know when the homosexual will be about”. Oh yes, homosexual = pedophile.

Not having been raised in the 50s I had wondered where that idea came from. Good to know. <rolls eyes>

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OOOOOO…MG! @AstroChuck! That’s just unbelievable! Wow.

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