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Do you believe that hypnotism can reveal a past life?

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) October 9th, 2011

Lately I’ve been troubled about something. You see, I went to this Pow Wow competion for the Native Americans of my town, and as I walked closer, the sounds of the drums and the singing made me feel a panic. As if I should run. Hide. I felt like crying. But I tucked that fear away and continued walking. After the event, I started to think of reincarcation and past lives. Do you think it’s possible hypnotism could help reveal that? Help me discover if I did have a past life somehow?

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No, I don’t.

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What do you have to lose? Try it?

I has several sessions of hypnotherapy for lower back problems. No dramatic revelations but huge emotional catharsis. That is a complicated way to say that I sobbed after each session and then felt better (even though my back didn’t).

I also found it an interesting intellectual exercise. The therapist had me choose my own favorite spot (on the dock on a lake in the Adirondacks with a view of the high peaks) in summer; he then guided me there. What happened next was vague but very pleasant. I didn’t have a moment of feeling alarmed, discomfited, manipulated or otherwise coerced.

I was also predisposed to cooperate.

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I agree with @gailcalled , give it a try! Hypnosis can be very therapeutic, and if you are successfully regressed, that would be a bonus. Brace yourself, though, history has shown that some people can be very rude about it, on this site. Good luck!

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No. Our memories are encoded in the chemistry in our brain and are destroyed when we die. There’s no way to access memories from “past lives.”

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For those who believe in such things yes. But even so it wouldn’t be something true .. it would be more of how they picture their past life.

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@HungryGuy Well,that is true,but we each have a soul,and maybe,somehow,our memories could also be embeded in our souls.Anything’s possible.

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Yes. Roger Woolger has an excellent book on the subject Other Lives, Other Selves

It can be useful to interpret information received through channels like past-life-regression metaphorically, as you would dream information. That helps identify the point and meaning of the communication to you. The difference between that and a literal interpretation is usually meaningless or worse distracting from the point.

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The business with the drums and the music can be eerie if you’re not used to it. Or perhaps one of the participants had invoked the Powers and Principalities, and one of ‘em decided to show up.
Tough call, really.

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@HungryGuy I think the question has a premise of reincarnation and past lives.

You’re right, the chemical imprints of information die with the body, but with above premise there is a kind of inherent continuity, so there is some kind of backup copy “in the cloud”

The philosophies I’ve encountered that consider this paradigm (Buddhism, Vedanta, Theosophy) note the intentional “forgetting” upon rebirth that allows the soul to learn as much as possible in the new lifetime. There is a reason we don’t have a huge long memory of all the experiences of all our past lives like the Dax trill in STDS9.

The hypnotic technique in the OP is one way that purports to access information recorded in the Akashic records.
There are others, including channelled readings.

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@Nullo I agree drums and music can be distracting esp to the extent they are culturally foreign to the practitioner. If a ritual is involved it helps if it’s from a philosphical system with which the practitioner is familiar.

It’s useful to find a method that is comfortable enough to simply facilitate access to the information. Useful methods all seem to include these basic ingredients:
– clearing psychological space around the practitioners and making a safe space for them to open a hole in their minds.
– a specific method of seeing/reading the information and a way for the intended recipient to get their information clearly if they aren’t the one reading it directly.
– a definite and clear closing of psychic exposure when the process is over.

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@Nullo May I just say,that I love your answers to these people! ^^

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Yes. CIA has done this to many of their employers when during war time or training have blacked out. I don’t think its magic or anything. From what I learned in psychology its really just a deep relaxation of the mind that clears out all interference hence having the person focus on details pertaining to hypnotic questions. It also deal with ones ability to “give into” and focus their in.

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embarassing, somehow i read, hypnotism reveal anything about the past. i didnt read “life” embarassing

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