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Sports fans, riddle me this about my LaDanian Tomlinson theory.

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) October 9th, 2011

Statistically Tomlinson’s work ethic will surely lead him into the Hall of Fame. In his last years in San Diego I noticed a subtle yet very explicit change in his game. Long story short, I noticed when the Chargers changed their uniform colors Tomlinson also changed his glove colors. He went from his “heyday” black gloves to white gloves. I think the white gloves actually showed defenders when he actually had the ball in his hands, as opposed to the black gloves which might have hid the ball just a nano second more. Furthermore I think with Play Action plays, it was easy to tell if he had the ball in his hands or not, I haven’t checked out other stats of running backs who have switched from black to white gloves though. I just know Tomlinson went back to black with the jets and had done quite well compared to his latter days as a Charger. What do you feel about this theory?

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Maybe. But if that is true, the defense on a pro team would tell all the receivers that, and all the receivers would be wearing brown gloves. Pros share knowledge like that. It’s like knowing a QB stands just a bit different on running plays, or a center is different on a QB sneak.

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@zenvelo Yeah, I guess I’d have to know about all offensive players gloves before coming to my conclusion on this one.

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I think his injuries have something to do with his decline with the chargers.. so far he’s been ok with the jets. While the gloves may have played some modicum of a role, it really boils down to skill and resilience in all player positions. The dynamics of the two different offensive lines, the breaks a running back gets by having a good second man, and the overall fitness, morale, and welfare of players all play roles as well.

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@digitalimpression Yes this is true, I’ve been following LT since 01 (naturally since I’m in SD) I just remember him hitting holes with conviction early on, (which is obvious since they got juice in those legs early years) but in his last two years, he was already dancing around in the back field upon hand off, and the San Diego offense line has been about top 5 in AFC the past 7 years.

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I don’t think it was the gloves. I think Tomlinson had time to heal up and has a new role and a new lease on life with the Jets.

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